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Live Your Dream!


Everyone has a dream.  Some want to become a famous movie or rock star, others dream of being a millionaire, living in a fancy mansion, surrounded by luxury.


Others dream of a bright new sports car, a dream vacation, a happy marriage, wonderful children, being a famous writer…..  The list goes on and on.  Every person has their own special, unique DREAM of what they want out of life, but only about 3-5% actually attain that dream.


At the end of a long life, instead of reflecting back on a lifetime of joy, happiness, and fulfillment, most people look back on a life of unhappiness, shattered hopes and dreams, and economic ruin.


Why is this?  Is there a way or some method you can apply to your life so that your dreams are NOT shattered, but, rather, filled to the brim?


By the time we reach 25 years of age, most of us have resigned ourselves to “reality,” which means that we think the dreams we had early in life were nothing but a childish fantasy, and  that we should give up and submit ourselves to the gloom and doom of reality. For most, this means the 9-5 grind, just making enough money to keep our heads above water, problems with the children, problems with our spouse, problems, problems, problems.


It is a fact that most people, by the time they reach about 30 – and generally 40 at the latest – find ourselves in roughly the same position as their parents before them!  We live in the same kind of house, the same kind of neighborhood, and find ourselves doing essentially the exact same kind of things that our parents were doing at that age!  Amazing, isn’t it?


But why, exactly, does this happen?  Is it fate?  Is there nothing we can do about it?


For most people, it really IS fate, because they are not aware or awake enough to know that things could be different.  What they are really doing is sleep walking through life like a robot or zombie, performing tasks and thinking in a very mechanical way, not really being conscious of the vast universe around them and the potential that is out there, simply waiting to be claimed!


In order to understand the why’s of the above, you must learn some important things that you will find through this website and its links.  A perusal of the free areas of this website will give you a start on the road, and, if you decide that success is for you, and that you truly want to wake up from your sleepwalking, then you will want to join with us and be given the special guidance that you can only receive as a member of Destiny Worldwide.


But, we don’t expect you to take our word for it.  I can sit here and tell you that we have pioneered the road to success for you so that we can show you the way, but only through testing this out for yourself can you get a true indication if this will work for you.


So, most of what you find in the free areas of this website can be considered, then, to be a test drive – but you can only truly test drive this knowledge if you actually engage in the activities and read and listen to the resources here in our free area.


In this respect, this website is much better than one of those “free seminars” held in big hotel conference rooms could ever hope to be!  We are not going to fill you up with hype so that you can come to a weekend class or workshop, and then buy a tape album, get a handshake, and then fall flat on your face immediately afterwards.


Because, my friends, that is EXACTLY what normally happens to these weekend seminar attendees – most of them FAIL almost immediately after the weekend seminar.  And the tapes, sadly, may be an inspiration, but for some reason never really seem to work.


This brings us back to the crux of the problem.  There are, actually, TWO PROBLEMS HERE ROLLED INTO ONE.


Let me explain.


Problem number 1, which I mention elsewhere on this website, is that in your subconscious mind there is an image of what you are.  This image is formed at an early age, usually by age 5 or 6, and is reinforced by our parents, family, friends, and environment.  At this early stage, this picture of ourselves forms, and in later life is reinforced more and more. It in fact becomes clearer and clearer and in the same direction and trajectory that it had at age 5!


This is why over weight people almost never can keep the pounds off forever.  It is why smokers can’t quit, it is why we end up in the same type of house and the same basic economic status of our parents.  It explains everything.  In this respect, we are allowing our subconscious autopilot, established at age 5, to run our lives for us in an automatic way.


This is because the data already in our subconscious minds about who we are attracts to itself and accepts only data that reinforces this self image, or holographic image of self that is deeply imbedded in the subconscious, and which acts as a filter for all new information entering the subconscious.


It is a self fulfilling prophecy and image, and is at the core of our being.  It is, once again, an autopilot type of situation and can be likened to sleep.  Most people never wake up from this sleep their entire lives, and wonder why at the end of life they are so far from where they wanted to be.  Of course, they fail to realize that this is simply the natural consequence of a life asleep, unconscious, and unaware.


For millennia, Eastern mystics have talked about CONSCIOUSNESS.  They say that only by awakening consciousness can one obtain one’s true potential.  And, as far as it goes, much of this is correct.  But, in their ignoring the physical realm, most of them have fallen in the opposite ditch, and live a life of total denial to awaken the spiritual side of them.


While this may work to their benefit on one level, they have to give up everything on the physical plain to obtain a spiritual result.  This, to most people is unacceptable.  And, as you will learn, it is totally unnecessary!


Many of you have never heard of the Bhagwan Shre Rajneesh.  He was a great Indian guru several decades ago who established a community in Oregon, a University, and many other things.  He was also, interestingly, considered to be public enemy #1 by the US government and various other gurus in India, who did not like what he was teaching.


I am not asking you to become a Buddhist.  I am not asking you to accept any particular religion.  The only reason I bring this up is because this man was on to something very important.  I will now reproduce a couple of paragraphs from one of his messages [from memory, so please forgive any inaccuracies] that show a unique insight and from which we will draw some very important lessons.


He said, “ In the East, we have Buddha.  Buddha is spiritual, and teaches us to emphasize the spiritual.  In India, many people concentrate on the spiritual and ignore the physical.  This means that people make great spiritual progress, while at the same time they live in poverty and want, lacking very many physical accomplishments.  This is unbalanced and not good.


“In the West, you have Zorba.  Zorba  emphasizes the physical but ignores the spiritual.  This means that in the West you have great physical accomplishments, but you have no spiritual guidance.  So, despite your great physical progress, because you lack spiritual roots, you have brought the human race to the verge of extinction.


“Both of these concepts, taken alone, are unbalanced.  What we need to have is a whole planet of Zorba the Buddha’s! Only then could we have spiritual enlightenment and physical progress at the same time, and only then could we save the human race from extinction.”


I agree with this statement.  What happened to Western Civilization is that back in Greek times they came up with the concept of dualism.  This taught that the physical body and the spiritual self were two separate and opposed things.  It would also appear that Eastern religions have been infected with the same untruth.


The lie holds that the body is dirty, and pulls us down into the dirt, and that it is separate from the spiritual body.  These two bodies, according to this philosophy, are constantly at war, and, to be enlightened means to deny the physical body and nourish only the spiritual.


To the vast majority of people, this is unacceptable, because their minds are concentrated on the physical world around them and their own physical bodies and its pleasures.  And they think that in order to do this, they must ignore the spiritual.


This is utter nonsense, and leads the physically minded person to sleepwalk themselves through life, never attaining what they want to attain, relegating themselves to simply being physical machines, or ROBOTS.  And when the machine stops running, they are simply GONE, as we will find out later in our studies.


This is because while man has the POTENTIAL for greatness beyond our imaginations, unless this greatness, or divine spark, is awakened and crystallized, there is no guarantee for the continuation of the personality after death, unless there is some form of Divine intervention in this regard.


However, if you become crystallized during this life, then there is something to continue on after the machine breaks down!  And, in fact, if you truly understand the things you will learn here, you will discover that the machine can go on indefinitely, leading to life spans of unbelievable length, richness and fulfillment!


Let me explain by going just a little bit further.  This can serve as lesson 1, or an introductory lesson, if you will, for what you will discover later on.  It is like peeling back layer after layer of an onion of lies and half truths, until, at the center, we come face to face with reality and truth.


Science tells us that our bodies are the most fascinating of biological machines.  They are made to repair themselves and maintain themselves so well, that there is no real reason we should not live for 1,000 years or more.  In fact, they do not understand why we just don’t simply go on almost forever!


The only problem is, as we grow older, something seems to happen.  It is almost as if some kind of PROGRAM comes into play, automatically, causing our cells to start to degenerate. This process we call aging, but science can’t really explain why this goes one, they just know that it does.


Now, I am going to tell you some unbelievable things.  I don’t have the space here, nor is it the intent, to go into the why’s and how’s here, as this information will be covered in depth later on, as we progress, step by step, to attain our true potential.  So for now, you are simply going to have to take my word that everything I am about to tell you can be proven, but the explanations are neither easy nor simple, and you will have to absorb lots of information in order to understand these things.  However, it is well worth it, as you will soon see!  This will serve as a roadmap to your future, if you dare to accept it!


Most animals, plants, and other life forms on this planet have all of the DNA they need for who and what they are, and not more.  Likewise, their brains are just the right size for full utilization by the particular species.


In other words, monkeys use all of their brains for what they do, as do parrots, dogs, cats, etc.  Likewise, their DNA maps out who and what they are, with nothing else added.


This would certainly make sense, whether you believe the theory of evolution or not.  Either way, this is what is to be expected and what we actually see in the world around us.


Except for humans, that is!


Strangely, science has noted that we have “extra” DNA that we don’t use!  They refer to it as “junk” DNA – but this is simply because they don’t understand it, not because it is truly junk.


Just HOW MUCH of this “junk” DNA is there in humans?  Is it maybe a couple of strands?  Nope.  Maybe half a dozen?  Wrong again.


Astounding as it may sound, the average human only uses approximately 2 out of a total of 12 strands! That means that the MAJORITY of our DNA seems to have no use or purpose!  That is truly astounding, and totally contrary to what we see in nature!


Now, here comes another interesting and related fact that will also blow you away.  Most of us know that science says that we don’t use all of our brain capacity.  Naturally, most people would think that it must only be a small  portion that we don’t use.  I, myself, in earlier years thought that maybe we didn’t use a third of our brains.


But that is also wrong.  The truth is that we don’t use over 85% of our brains!  Put another way, the average human only uses 15% of his or her brain capacity!


So, is the rest just “waste?”  What, exactly, is it for?


When you combine these two mysteries, you are left with a very puzzling picture.  Nature is economical and doesn’t tend to waste anything.  In the animal kingdom, there is very little waste, except maybe for a tail here or there or some other small part of the body that is a vestige from the past.


Otherwise, nature endows its creatures with what they need for survival and not much else.


The idea that this DNA of 80-90% overcapacity, combined with a brain “overcapacity” of approximately the same amount, does not suggest that humans are evolving at all  — rather, it suggests in the strongest terms that we as a species are actually devolving at an alarming rate!


In other words, at some point in the past, it would make sense that this so called “excess capacity” — which is, in fact many times greater than the capacity most of us are using – was actually used for something very important, otherwise, why would 85% of our brain capacity and DNA be used for whatever it was?


Further, this suggests that there is something very wrong or abnormal to our present state of being.  In other words, what you consider NORMAL, is actually very abnormal!


I will interject at this point that there is one other possible explanation for all of this, and it may indeed be part of the answer.  The only OTHER WAY that you could get such a skewed situation genetically is if the human race was somehow a hybrid species that had been genetically engineered by a higher class of being, and that the “creators” simply did not want to train humans how to use this “excess capacity.”


In the material that follows on this website and in our member’s area, we will be exploring these intriguing mysteries of just who and what man is!


The answers will simply astound you!  You will take in your breathe in utter DISBELIEF once you discover what your incredible human potential is!


I will simply say now that you need to prepare yourself for a voyage of discovery unlike anything you have dared to imagine or dream is possible.


You will discover the hidden mysteries of the ages, WHY this information has been held back from “the average man and woman,” and what you can do to claim your divine inheritance and your rightful place in the universe.


No science fiction writer would DARE to even get close to the amazing FACTS you will discover on your journey of self discovery and actualization!


Down through the ages, philosophers, kings, emperors, and high priests have only DREAMED of discovering what you are about to learn!


They only “saw through a glass darkly,” but now, you can understand the TRUTH about yourself, why you were born, and what awesome potential you were truly meant to have.

We will place into your hands not only the keys to the engine in your own mind and body that you did not know existed, but we will also give you the owner’s manual so that you can learn how to drive the most fantastic creation the universe has ever seen!

Once you begin this FANTASTIC VOYAGE, you will eagerly await each new lesson and seminar with excitement and anticipation.  You will hardly be able to wait for the next update, and the next and the next.  And at the same time you are learning, you can be earning your way to the dreams you have always had!


So, buckle up your seat belt, keep on checking back in our success and audio sections, as well as every other part of this website, and begin the journey of a lifetime that only a handful have followed for the last 10,000 years or so!


This is like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, the fountain of youth, the answers to the most important questions in life, happiness, joy, and fulfillment all in one place!


We pray that you will have a great journey!

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