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Do You Fit the Profile?

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Are you a US citizen?  Do you ever embark on international travel

alone?  Do you wear loose fitting clothing for the flight?  Do you

often arrive at international airports without a bag full of

souvenirs?  If so, be careful – you fit the US customs profile of a

drug courier!

A 50 year old woman (a US citizen born in Columbia) recently traveled

to the US from Hong Kong.  She was traveling alone, wearing loose

fitting clothing and carrying none of the souvenirs typical of the

“average” traveler.

On this basis, and because she was judged to have answered some

questions in an “evasive” manner, she was taken in to a side room,

patted down and ordered to strip.  Her body cavities were probed and

she was forced to take a series of laxatives, which induced 28 bowel

movements over an 8-hour period.

No drugs were found – but this is unlikely to bring about any changes

to a system under which almost every international traveler could be

drawn under the spotlight as a possible drugs courier and subjected to

intrusive and degrading treatment at the hands of the authorities.


Is Your Bank Account Part Of The Public Record?


I am a financial services professional and as such, am offered lists

of peoples names (for sale) all the time. These ‘list vendors’ usually

tell me that they can pinpoint everything from income to net worth.

Okay, that’s not good. However, last week, it got even worse. A woman

called me and offered a list which, she claimed, was straight from the

banks themselves.

SHE: I can sell you names and give you their income, and deposits at

local banks.

I: How do you know it’s accurate?

SHE: We collect information and separate them by demographics and incomes.

I: Where do you get this information?

SHE: From the banks themselves.

I: Why, do they turn over the names of their clients to you?

SHE: They don’t, it’s part of the public record.

I: How’s that?

SHE: When banks merge, the Gov’t does an audit. They audit everything

from mortgage apps to deposits. Those mortgage apps have, of

course, every bit of financial information about someone. The

government audit is public record.

I: And you can give me the value of these individual accounts?

SHE: No, the government groups them into brackets, like $100,000 to


I: So you get the brackets?  Or the actual values?

SHE: We get the brackets. Only the banks and the governments know the

values. So, do you want to buy the list or not?

I: I honestly don’t feel that I can support that.

Boy, do I feel better now, knowing that the government adds my bracket