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Offshore Counsultation and Services

Here at, we give you access to top offshore consultants, products, and advice so that you get a one stop solution to whatever you need.

Of course the Offshore World has a lot more things to offer. It offers gambling opportunities and the ability to obtain e-currencies in maximum privacy and discretion, among other products and services that we review regularly..

That’s why we have some interesting resources for all of those who want to use the Offshore World for its unique advantages, including our very own brand new E-currency exchange service which also can be used as its own private, in house, e-currency.

We are a friend of legitimate privacy protection, however, we need to go on to make the following clarification up front, so PLEASE pay attention because we mean what we say:

While we do not require that you upload a mound of personal data to us in order for us to work with you, you should be aware that if you don’t supply full contact details, we can’t protect your interests.

We now use a state of the art Helpdesk system to further guard your privacy from prying eyes and to defeat the problems inherent using email today. But, we still need to have your correct email address in case of emergency, and ask that you submit a valid telephone number for real emergencies. We will not share your information with anyone unless we are served with a valid court order in the appropriate jurisdiction, which we are not disclosing. You may also give us your PGP or GPG signature and key to authenticate that emailed instructions or Helpdesk instructions indeed do come from you. In fact, you can encrypt your message to us, and paste it into the Helpdesk message field for even more privacy.

If we have questions on a transaction, we may not complete the transaction until we have been able to contact you.

Finally, please pay attention to the following warning:

WARNING! If you are a scammer, money launderer, or other criminal thinking that you can hide your ill gotten gain through our system, THINK AGAIN! We are very good at detecting patterns of suspicious activity, and if we detect any such suspicious activity on your part, we can freeze your account until you produce proper identification and proof of source of funds. If you do not produce this information, we can make the freeze permanent until such time as you do. In very extreme circumstances, where we feel that you have comitted a very heinous crime, we reserve the right to turn over your information in our files to the local Embassy of your home country or to INTERPOL for further investigation of your activities. So be warned, CRIMINALS AND SCAMMERS ARE NOT WELCOME HERE!

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