The Global Wealth Protection Trust + Banking Account

This trust is a special goody! To our knowledge, there is no other program like this in the world. The beauty of this structure is it’s simplicity, privacy, and low cost.

For any of you familiar with offshore trusts, you know that, for the most part, they are only for the wealthy and that the offshore trustees often times charge an arm and a leg both to form it and to manage it for you.

It’s not uncommon for such a structure to cost between $20,000.00-50,000.00+ to set up, plus a percentage of your assets under management each and every year, which can sometimes mount up into gigantic fees each and every year.

This trust is very inexpensive, [only $1950.00 and a FLAT $150.00 management fee + one of our Global Banking Accounts for you to put money into + no money movement fees between your account and someone else’s. Plus, you get an Offshore Debit card to withdraw money from your account around the world as part of this amazing package!].

You may be thinking to yourself “well, my country has made offshore trusts almost unusable with all of their rules and regulations.”

And, for MOST TRUSTS these days, this is true! However, you are neither the creator, settlor, protector, trustee, or beneficiary of this trust. All you have is a consulting agreement with them. Thus, you have no relationship with the trust or its assets.

You can, however, make investment and other recommendations. The trust can pay your expenses for looking after its affairs, including transportation, food, lodging, travel, etc.

The trust is domiciled in an excellent jurisdiction, and thus enjoys the unique anonymity and other protections they offer. Your name will not appear anywhere on any public record whatsoever, but the trust will enjoy the protection of the unique courts in this jurisdiction.

These trusts are not recorded at all, and are totally private.

The trusts were started with property of nominal value, in accordance with the trust instrument. Subsequent funding can be done by anyone, subject to Trustee approval, as gifts, loans, or other arrangements. Note that one cannot “invest” in a trust the way one could with a stock company (corporation). The concept does not apply to a trust. But you can put money into it, or have customers send money to it for goods and services sold by either the trust or an optional LLC that can be added either at the time of formation or elsewhere.

While we believe the legal foundations of our services are exceptionally sound, their practical effectiveness in providing asset protection and other benefits depends critically on your conduct.

Relative to the trust document, the client is a non entity. The Trustee may hire a client as an advisor to a Trust. This would be accomplished using a separate contract and the relationship would not be covered or disclosed in the Trust document itself.

If you are running an active business, you may elect to have your trust acquire or start an IBC, LLC, or foundation, with the trust owning part or all of this other entity. This way, your privacy is completely protected.

The creators of these structures have created a unique banking and investment system, with some investment opportunities included that are only available to clients.

So, for a very inexpensive fee of only $1950.00, you get an exclusive Global Wealth Protection Trust with professional trustee service, access to a super private offshore banking account, and access to many investment opportunities available only to trust clients.

If you wish to get started right away, and use Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer, Bank Wire or banking transfer in certain countries, then fill out a Helpdesk ticket in our Helpdesk system. If you want an offshore or US LLC or other structure along with it, just include that request in your ticket as well and we will get back with you as soon as possible with instructions on how to pay us via your selected payment method.

If you want to use another payment method, or have more questions, simply open up a chat window with our customer service staff, or, if they are offline, leave us a detailed message in our help system and we will get back to you during normal business hours.