Offshore Gaming Company

Offshore Gaming Corporation

Through our contacts with one of the foremost gaming lawfirms in the most important offshore gaming jurisdictions, we present you wth a premier offshore gaming company.

This lawfirm has years of experience servicing some of the largest companies engaged in the gaming business.  They are positioned to provide clients with a very fast, efficient solution, and can tailor make the package to suit your needs as a client.They specialize in internet gaming companies and can help you in whatever capacity you may need them to:

1.  Corporation Set Up and legal study.
2.  Finding and securing an office location.
3. Staffing
4. Software solutions
5. Communications set up and infrastruture
6. Setting up your computer network

Further, we can assist you in getting casino or sports book software, a suitable offshore bank account, and possibly merchant status to process credit cards if you qualify.

Their extensive contacts in the  “industry” can help you get the package of services you need, whether you’re a little guy or a big fish, they can provide you with the level of experience and services you need.

If you are interested, please open a chat window at the button on the right, or, if we are offline, fill out an information request.  Please explain what is is you need done, and what level of service you require and we can send you back a quotation.