Offshore Debit Card + Banking Account

It is becoming almost impossible these days for a US citizen to open an offshore bank account, and it is very hard to find a bank anymore that will accept you without a personal visit.

It is also almost impossible to open an account that you don’t have to identify yourself to the world every time you send or receive a wire transfer.  It’s almost impossible to find these things now a days.

For instance, in Hong Kong, one of he world’s biggest banking centers, any of the above is “not  possible” anymore.  However, we have uncovered a little known banking account that provides all of these financial services and more and still accepts US citizens AND does not require an in person visit.

This account is such a gem that it has been recommended to one of the offshore world’s premier private clubs!

And no wounder because this account fulfills almost all of the wish lists:

1.  The accept US citizens

2.  You can open the account online

3.  The account is truly multi currency

4.  Wires are NOT sent and received in your name unless that is what you desire.  Only your account number appears in the wire instructions, just like the by gone days of Swiss private banking

5.  Customers can transfer money directly to each other’s accounts

6.  You can get an optional debit card to access your funds around the world, yet you only place on the card the funds you want to spend, so if your card is lost, you don’t put your whole balance at risk like with most bank debit cards

And we can introduce you to this great account for a low fee of $200.00  And, you can pay us with bitcoin, OK Pay, or wire or SEPA transfer!

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