Just Why Should I Concern Myself With Things Offshore?

That’s a very good question.  Let me try to answer this in as brief a way as possible.

As you will note in other articles on this section of our website, Big Brother is making it harder and harder for you to have privacy and security in your assets.

The attacks are now so many, it is impossible to catalogue them all.  This is not an in depth article, so let me just list some of the ways:

  1. Almost anyone can sue you for any reason, real or imagined.  If you have assets where they can be grabbed, WATCH OUT, because the shyster lawyers in your area are “keeping a list, and checking it twice.”  Some of these scum bags actually send people out to your property with the intention of suing you to separate you from your assets.  The tactics range from the fake “fall,” to fake “job applicants,” etc., etc.  When you add to this estranged ex spouses, business partners, and other assorted riff raff who make suing people their life’s work and main income source, you have every reason to worry.  To a certain extent, domestic asset protection strategies can still work more or less against these threats.  But it is becoming less effective all the time.  The smartest strategy is to have your assets somewhere ELSE besides where you reside or conduct business, and in the name of an IBC, trust, or foundation.  What you don’t own, shyster lawyers can’t steal!
  2. You need to really worry about the IRS or whatever the tax mafia is called in your country.  If you think that being “honest” and doing the right thing protects you from the abuses of these rogue agencies, you’ve got another thing coming!
  3. Asset forfeitures happen now on an everyday basis.  Government agencies from your local police department to the DEA, BATF, FBI, and any assorted organized mafia thugs can simply take your money, your house, and your business by filing a piece of paper.  They can allege that you are a “drug dealer,” or, the new war of the day, “a terrorist,” or even someone who “does business with a terrorist or drug related individual or organization ….”  Now, when they say related, it could be a third cousin, fifteen times removed, but who cares?  The agencies in question make the allegation, take what you have, and divide up the pie.  Most of the time, charges are never filed, because they don’t have to file charges to keep what you have!  Simply making the accusation is enough to make you lose everything you’ve got.  And don’t think you’re safe because you are a grandmother “with nothing to hide.”  Even grandmothers who own real estate can have an entire apartment complex seized because one tenant smokes a single joint on the premises!  And don’t worry, your friendly government agency will freeze ALL of your assets, so even if you are innocent, you won’t be able to pay a lawyer to get them back!  In the meantime, you will be on television and in the newspapers as the latest local “drug dealer” or “terrorist.”
  4. Now, with the brand new “Patriot Act,” which gives law enforcement “new tools to fight terror,” all they have to do is accuse you of being a terrorist, with no proof whatsoever.  All they have to do is officially “certify their suspicion,” and you can be whisked off to a military tribunal kangaroo court with no lawyer, no charges ever being laid, and without your friends or family even knowing what happened to you.  Then, they can strip you of your citizenship, and send you off to “a friendly country” for  “interrogation,” er   TORTURE!  This way, they can get you to “confess to your crimes” and make it easier on everyone.
  5. Even if they can’t prove you are guilty of anything, and even if they don’t try to pull the above stunt on you, one of the agents “interrogating you” can say that you lied to them, and they can put you in jail for that for a good long time.  Do you doubt that they would stoop this low?  Well, just ask Martha Stewart.  Because of these thugs, she ain’t making brownies anymore!

All of this shows that not only do you have a LOT to worry about, if you stay in the US, UK, Australia, or much of the EU, your life is always in danger from any number of problems that may come up.

These guys are incredible.  Don’t you love their arrogance and hypocrisy?  THEY say that, as a MATTER OF POLICY, they can lie to you as much as possible, but don’t you dare lie to them!  In fact, they can simply accuse you of lying and that is enough to put you away.

And do you think a jury is going to protect you?  Not likely, because they now grill jurors to make sure they will go along with whatever the judge [government] tells them to do, or they will never get in that jury box.

What they want today in the jury box are the most stupid, indolent, ignorant, and disinterested people as possible to “judge you.”  Most of these people will believe whatever the  prosecutor and the police say because “you wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t done something wrong.”

And besides, the jury is all anxious to end this whole thing as fast as possible so that they won’t miss more of Oprah than they have to!

It’s an amazing New World Order that we live in, isn’t it?

Well, if you  don’t think so, you had better get rid of what you have where you are in one of the Nazi regimes, and get your ass and your assets to a safe location as fast as you can.

If you are stuck in a JOB, then you need to get some kind of internet based business going that doesn’t depend on location as soon as you can.

Or, if that isn’t going to work for you, do some research.  There are many places you can earn a living “just teaching English” or something like that.

But, however you do it, if you value your freedom, financial future, etc., then it would be a good idea to get to a safe location as quickly as possible.

Don’t be like the Jews in Nazi Germany.  The signs were there to see for several years at the least that things were going to get ugly.  The screws were tightening ever more with each passing year.  But most waited until the last minute thinking they would make a last minute escape.


You know what the Nazis told the Jews as they loaded them onto the cattle cars?  They told them that they were being “relocated to a safer location.”  It was “for their own protection,” you see, because of the racial prejudice in Germany, so Hitler was going to make sure that they would be “safe” where they were going!

And they WERE SAFE – in the grave!

Don’t fool yourself.  It IS planned to happen in the good old USA and elsewhere.  The camps are ready, and so are the cattle cars with shackles.  And the government even has “relocation plans for public safety in case of an emergency.”

And if you believe that fairy tale, pigs might fly.

It is NOT for your protection, any more than the cattle cars took the Jews to “safety” at the other end of their train ride.

And what are these new camps equipped with in the USSA?

Well, reports say that they have nice shower rooms, except that, just  as in the Nazilandia of the past, the showerheads will dispense GAS instead of water.

Then, after you have had your “shower,” they have nice big incinerators in these camps.  I just wonder what those are for?

But there I go, being a “conspiracy nut” again.  Everything is fine.  If this bothers you too much, just go back to watching Oprah and forget about all of this until it is too late.

One alternative is to try and do everything yourself.

Another is to join with us.  We have some plans that might be of assistance to your flight to safety.  But of course we cannot share this with the public.

So why not join us today?  It might be a real life saver!

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