Offshore Investments



These popular Internet games should be treated as just that, games. The are multiple reasons they can fail, so never invest more money than you can afford to lose. However, even if the HYIP is a scam, if it is well run and you get n early enough, you can still make money.

However, you will need to use an intelligent strategy in order to win the game. The strategy is to invest a certain amount, and then only compound 50% or so, withdrawing the rest of your interest each week. That way, you will soon recover your investment. Then, once you have recovered your investment, you can either increase the compounding percentage or leave it the same, because it will continue to grow even at that figure.

That way, you have recovered your investment and are in profit, so if the program closes at some point, you haven’t lost any of your money and whatever you have withdrawn is yours. I used just such a strategy to make over $1,000.00 from a small $100.00 investment. Now that’s a great return.


We will be screening these programs on a regular basis. If you want to propose a program to us, fill out a Helpdesk ticket with your affiliate link, and if we get into the program we will sign up under you and post the program here. Who knows, you might make a ton of money from the referral fees!


New Programs


Rockwell Partners They claim to be a 4x trading program, and say they have an office in Costa Rica. They post names and pictures or their traders, owner, and even their secretary on their website. The website also has a fairly sophisticated degree of automation, meaning that the owners are serious players. We believe that this is the type of program that could last some time. Of course, there is no guarantee, but you can make a good amount of money if it lasts even a little while. Check it out by clicking this link.



Real World Investments


Offshore Bitcoin 4X Trader

At long last, we have found an offshore 4x trading platform that takes the modern net into account. This is a real trading account, not an internet game, so you need to know what you are doing. You can make or lose Big Bux in 4x, but if you know how to do it, you can easily make a nice living off of this anywhere in the world. The fly in the ointment has usually been that these companies don’t allow the use of e-currencies. Now, finally, there is a broker who has embraced the modern world! You can invest with Bitcoin or a whole range of e-currencies, and you can also withdraw to these systems, or an Offshore Mastercard you can get for your account. So go ahead and start trading the sensible, safe, offshore way by clicking this link.




Here at Global Financial Security we believe in real world businesses, NOT in internet games, lotteries, or other rip off schemes that you see so much of today. While games like the above may be fun to play, and even profitable at times, your only real hope of making real wealth is through investing in businesses with good potential returns.

However, with ANY real world investment, returns cannot be guaranteed and it could take several years even to become profitable because, AGAIN, these are real businesses, not internet rip off schemes.


Not Open to US Citizens Except Through Bitcoin or Your Global Banking Account


Due to the obnoxious practices of the US government, none of our investments are open to US citizens or other US related “persons.” Further, we are not available in any other country where it would violate local laws. This is NOT a stock offering or other securities public offering.


If a US or other “person” not qualified to make this investment wishes to participate, he or she may only do so through an offshore entity of which they are not the owner. Our Global Wealth Trusts qualify in this regard. Or, you can make an anonymous investment through our Global Banking Account.


First Investment


Costa Rica based assisted care facility. Will start up as soon as we have between $10-15 thousand, with a target of $30,000.00.


Minimum Investment is $1,000.00 with $1,000.00 increments. There is currently a dire shortage of such facilities. Please send us a contact message for further details. We accept Pecunix, Bitcoin, or our Global Banking account. If you do not have a Global Banking Account and want one, see for details.



Free Energy Generator


A free energy generator has now become available. You can build one yourself in your garage if you wish. For full details, go here.


However we are forming an investment group to build a prototype here in Costa Rica, with the idea of selling it or renting them to the public. We are personal friends with the operators of a generator sales and rental business here in Costa Rica that would make a perfect platform to sell the generators. We also know personally several electrical engineers that could build the device. At this time we need seed capital to first build the prototype and then start making them. At first we will make them to order for each customer, but as the business grows, the sky is the limit. When you consider the cost of building, buying, and maintaining current generator technology, this would quickly grow into a very profitable business. As an investor, you can share in the profits, but there is no guarantee nor do we know how long the start up process will take. But if you are interested in this adventure, send us a ticket and let us know. We will allow investments in $100.00 increments.



Costa Rica and Cuba Investment Funds


We are also opening both a Costa Rica and a Cuba investment funds. Further details are available upon request, but suffice it to say that the potentials for growth in both countries are fantastic. However, if you are a US citizen, it is imperative that you invest through Bitcoin and use one of our trusts to hold the investment returns.




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