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Introduction:  I have known about offshore investments and strategies for many years.  But, in my opinion, just learning about it and dealing with it from afar while living in my home country was not enough.

For that reason, 15 years ago, I decided to relocate and actually LIVE full time offshore.  This was because I knew that the situation at home no longer permitted one to build a future unmolested by the government or gold digging lawyers and their shills.  If you try to build any type of wealth in the US or the UK or the EU anymore, you are just asking for trouble, in my opinion.  You are also looking for trouble if you look for a service provider in your home country.  This is something you should NEVER do!

Naturally, my strategy is not for everyone, and we at strive to accommodate our member’s wishes no matter what their choices, but as an organization, in order to do what we need to do, we need to be located somewhere relatively safe, at least, to continue our Work unmolested by governments or others.  This is important to your future, too.

This page will serve as a springboard for your own investigations and work.  But the thing you need to know right now is that your future CANNOT be secure today by simply leaving all of your assets in your home country in harm’s way.

What is a PT?

Many of our members are not familiar with the term PT.  PT was coined years ago by the author WG Hill, who wrote the earliest series of books on this age old lifestyle.  However, he is the first one to systematize the whole thing.

PT can stand for several things.  Originally, it meant Perpetual Tourist.  Then it became known also to mean Prior Taxpayer.  There are other terms not in as common of usage.

Basically, the PT strategy is to live in one or more countries as places of temporary or even permanent residence [although not so permanent as to owe taxes!].  These are the places where you live.

Next, a PT has a DIFFERENT country of origin.  Third, he will travel and/or bank on the passport of a third country, and if he or she has business interests, they will be managed in a fourth of fifth country.

Financial and personal privacy are things that PT’s crave.  Of course, you need not employ the entire strategy, and most people don’t, but the more of the PT strategy that one employs the freer, generally, they are.

I have heard of a strategy where a PT can even live in their home country with the tax breaks from being abroad working, by contracting through a company in another country where they had been working for a while.  These strategies can be as complex or as simple as will meet your needs and your situation.

PT strategies can become really wild, depending on your need for security.  Some PT’s will never make a call from a home or office phone that can be traced, and will, instead, use prepaid calling cards from a pay phone exclusively.  The pure PT will use a series of maildrops strung together so that no one will be able to figure out even what country or CONTINENT they are in.  Many of these offshore or even onshore drops will accept faxes and phone calls on your behalf.

And for computer security, they will encrypt everything on their computer as well as encrypting all emails.  When surfing the web, they will do so only through an anonymous proxy server.

All monies are received into offshore bank accounts or through ecurrencies such as Pecunix, Liberty Reserve, Solid Trust Pay, or other reputable e-currencies we decide from time to time to support.  Ecurrencies make it very easy to do pass throurghs of funds, whereas traditional bank accounts almost cannot be used for this purpose anymore.  It is also unfortunate that some of these strategies can be misinterpreted as money laundering or other criminal activity, so beware.

Let me give you a couple sample PT strategies for handling money and conducting an anonymous business.  You can use your own imagination after this.

Let’s say that you sell a product or service, which, even though legal, you do not wish to have your name attached to.  You could go to the expense of having an IBC and bank account created in your name, but, let’s say that you want to do this less expensively.  Naturally, as the business grows, you will need more protection.

Let’s say that your business sells X over the internet.  When you first open shop, you may have your webhosting company get the domain for you in their name, as well as placing all of the contact information in their name, if you can persuade someone to do this for you.  That way, when someone does a lookup of the domain, they do not get your information, but someone else’s. We can provide you with with a proxy domain registration service at a reasonable price as long as you have a legitimate business. Please send us a Helpdesk ticket for more information.

Also, under certain circumstances we can also provide privacty enhanced webhosting.

Next, you open up a Pecunix or Liberty Reserve account in the name of the company, and perhaps even one of our accounts.  Offshorearnings can accept deposits from customers to your Global Financial Securioty account.  Customers can remit funds through wire transfer, supported e-currencies[we consider STP to be an e-currency], and cash deposits in some countries.

Also, certain other exchangers and STP accept various forms of payment. Finding a good exchnager or exchangers to work with is a key to this strategy, as they are your interface between the cyber world and the banking world.  Offshorearnings can play this function, for a completely turn key system.

So let’s say your customer pays you in Pecunix for your product.  In order to get the money out of Pecunix, you can either transfer it to your Global Financial Security account through OffshorEarnings, or, through the OffshorEarnings or another exchanger, you can have the money wire transferred or a check written and mailed on your behalf.  Some of these functions can be done completely outside the banking system, and, only in the final step do you need to involve a bank.

Let’s look at another situation.  Let’s say that you have a large sum of money in Pecunix.  You have to pay some bills and move the money to your offshore bank accounts.  There are exchnagers who will gladly write the checks you need to pay your bills, and mail them for you.  There are other exchangers who will gladly wire transfer funds to whatever offshore bank accounts you are interested in sending the money to, including debit card accounts.  Offshorearnings can also provided these services, but gives you the additional choices of also remitting as checks, wire transfers, other e-currencies, or, in some countries, electronic remittances.

If you play the game right, you can protect your privacy.  For the highest security, you can use an offshore market maker like OffshorEarnings.

This means that any traces within the banking system go back to the exchnager, who, if you have done your work right, is located in a country different from the one where you live or do business.  This places an additional layer of privacy between you and your home government, or any other snoops who might be looking around.

We are here to assist you in developing the right offshore and other strategies to fit your situation.  That is part of what your membership is for.  We have screened various offshore services and other products as well, so that you can receive the best in service and reliability.  You have to really be careful in the offshore arena, but, if your strategies are sound, you will be head and shoulders above your friends and neighbors and competitors who don’t have a clue about this area.

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