Creating a Bitcoin Economy

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Creating a Bitcoin Economy

There are several ingredients needed to create a working economy in any currency. First, people must have the currency and second, there must be things to spend it on. This doesn’t happen overnight, but Bitcoin is well on it’s way to creating an economy, but there are several hurdles to this that must be overcome before that happens.

As I mentioned above, first, people must get the currency. That can either come through working for it, investing in it, or winning it in games. Naturally, if people work for it, that is the best option, but then there has to be something to spend it on, or it will just all be converted back to fiat. The game option can also work, and already there are gaming sites sticking their big toe into this market.

Next, there has to be something to spend it on, otherwise it just either sits around or is out exchanged to fiat.

I was an early adapter of e-gold, the online gold backed currency that thrived from the late ’90’s until the US government shut it down. E-gold, even at its height, was not a big as bitcoin is now, but it was around long enough to create a vibrant economy. I know because my business at the time revolved around the e-gold market, and I did very well with it. From that experience, beginning in 1997, I watched as a thriving economy developed around the currency. As you may well know, there is a world of difference between e-gold and bitcoin, but most of that will have to wait for another article.

One of the problems bitcoin has is that governments and banks hate bitcoin with a passion, because they are threatened by it. So they have pulled out all stops to try and destroy it. Yet, through all the trials and tribulations, bitcoin is still with us and it is growing by leaps and bounds.

One of the problems with bitcoin, and one of the things that kept me out of it for so long, is that it by itself has no intrinsic value. E-gold, on the other hand, had intrinsic value and therefore had a perceived value of being “as good as gold,” whereas bitcoin has no such value behind it. I believe this is one of the reasons for its market volatility, but I am sure that governments and banks also have a hand in this. Also, the failures of major exchangers hasn’t helped either, which is why it is a very bad idea to leave your bitcoins in the hands of an exchanger. As a matter of prudence, you should immediately withdraw all bitcoins to a wallet that is not affiliated with an exchanger, and you also should not store your coins in one of those web based wallets unless the company behind it is very solid. I myself use the Electrum wallet for various reasons. It’s too much to go into here, but your choice of wallet is very important.

Establishing the Bitcoin Economy

Just how, then, would one go from where we are today to establishing a real bitcoin economy?

As discussed above, people ideally should either earn bitcoin through their work, or, secondarily, get it for playing games or getting a return on an investment. That is the engine that really propels an economy forward.

In the days of e-gold, and later, Liberty Reserve, one of the main drivers was online games. Gambling games, high yield investment programs and other things made up about 70% of their transaction volume. Naturally, this meant that online scams and ponzi schemes were one of their main sources of transaction volume. And sometimes, that volume was red hot. Many exchangers did a brisk business because so many people wanted to get into the “latest investment program,” which most of the time was little more than a scam. I will have to say, though, that some of these old ponzi schemes were very well run and if you got in early enough you were able o do quite well, as many of these scams lasted for a year and sometimes two years. I haven’t seen anything that good in a long time.

In fact, a whole small industry developed covering the latest “investment program,” and they rated them. Some of these schemes did well, others did not. Today it seems that nobody knows how to operate a scam like this, so they just run with your $50.00 when they could have had thousands. I even heard of people mortgaging their houses to “invest” in some of these programs. It was just insane, but that is a function of human nature and it’s desire to get something for nothing. One operator had his scam going for I think about 4 years, but, in the end, they all ran with the money. I think the best one was both it’s own e-currency, called Osgold, and it’s evil twin, Osops. I got in early, so I made a good amount of money there, but at the end, there were thousands of dollars in my Osgold account I couldn’t get out, but by then it didn’t matter because I had already made many times what I initially invested.

But, that is NOT the way to build a “real” economy. I sincerely hope that bitcoin doesn’t turn into the den of thieves that used to inhabit these early e-currencies. No, what I am talking about is the creation of a real economy with legitimate activity, not one based on games and drugs. And that is the hard part.

The first component, then, is to give people a legitimate way to earn money. I have developed a website called Virtual Outsourcing. Right now I am using it primarily as a developer site, but I have hidden pages that can be made public that can turn it into an outsourcing site such as Freelancer and many others, but with the difference that there is actual human interaction so that employers needs can be matched with potential contractors. And payment is primarily through Bitcoin. If you have an interest in this, I need a joint venture partner, so email me or send me a PM.

Your Own Businesses

I have been an offshore service provider for many years, so I know how to best protect yourself and your business. Ideally, you, personally, should be located offshore, but you can start out on the cheap by incorporating your company, using nominees, and using offshore bank accounts or an offshore banking account to get you started.

Our popular Offshore Privacy Power Pack provides all of this. You get a private trust to own your shares, or a nominee service, you get an IBC or offshore LLC, an offshore banking account with optional debit card, and, of course offshore bitcoin webhosting. This is done through our sister company,, and you can find a full description of the Power Pack here. With this and an anonymous vpn service, you will be all set up to work on your business wherever you are in the world. You can also use our Privacy Domain registration service, available through

This way, you and your business will be protected from the predations of which ever high tax country you live in. And, since you are not the “owner” of said business, you don’t have to pay the ridiculous worldwide income tax to Uncle Sam. If this is what you want to do, the optional nominee service should be used as you can use the nominee to open either an offshore bank account or the super private offshore banking account. You can find all of this and more at OffshorEarnings.

Financial Institutions

While the structure of Bitcoin negates most of the need for banks, there is still a need for some kind of financial institutions to make the system usable.

For example, if you aren’t satisfied with the level of privacy afforded by Bitcoin, you would turn to a depository entity to meet that need, and pay many of your bills that way instead of out in the open. You could also mopve funds between accounts in private. As far as the blockchin is concerned, the coins haven’t moved, but, in the background, they could have moved a dozen times or more.

I have a sample system already set up, based on a little known system called Loom. The system works very well, and the admin has no access to your funds or your passphrase. The drawback, of course, is that there is no password recovery possible. However, since the system is fully encrypted and is NOT database driven, even if some government agency did seize the server [unlikely because the server is in an undisclosed location offshore], all they would have is a piece of encrypted junk and even if they broke the encryption, unless the customer is real stupid, there is no personal identifying information.

You can see what I mean by going to our site at Offshore Cashier, which can also double as an exchanger to buy and sell bitcoin and other ecurrencies.

Let me interject here a very important point. At this stage of the game, it is INPERATIVE that both the admin of these businesses as well as the servers be offshore, so that they are all beyond any government’s reach, especially the US government and certain governments in the EU. If the political situation is not taken into consideration, and the businesses are foolishly located in either of these two jurisdictions, then eventualy the government will either enforce its policies on the businesses or shut them down. The attitude of the US government, especially, must be given serious consideration and for a group of businesses like I propose to survive, it simply MUST be located outside both of those places. Even China or Russia would be better, but not ideal. So, that leaves many offshore jurisdictions as the primary choices.

Secondly, the operator[s] of the companies need to be insulated from extradition requests should the US or any other government seek criminal prosecution for alleged crimes being committed. My own personal situation fits that bill, as I am in an offshore jurisdiction and immune to extradition due to my citizenship in said jurisdiction. However, I have taken the further precaution of locating the servers elsewhere and NOT DEALING WITH LOCALS, thus in no way can I have committed a local crime as this country only looks at crimes against it’s own citizens in such cases, and the businesses are located outside the country, thus this country has no jurisdiction over the business activities. This level of planning is absolutely imperative, as the US government has a long track record of making false charges and extraditing people based on those false charges. Then, the person is dragged through the sham “justice system” in the US and thrown in jail when they have done nothing at all. I, for one, have no desire to engage in such games.

Of course, you can hide behind Tor and an encrypted VPN service and use pgp for private communications, but that is your choice. Just make sure the vpn is NOT located in the US and does not keep server logs. After much searching I found one that fits that bill. You can check them out by clicking here, and I can tell you from my own experience that the service works very well, with servers all over the world.

Communications also need to be secured. My two favorites are Confidesk, with servers in Switzerland and Ireland, and Unseen, with servers in Iceland, possibly one of the most secure datahavens of all. If you want to contact me at that address, my email is I will include my public key at the end of this article in case someone wants to contact me there. My address at Confidesk is In order to get their protection, though, you should open an account there and contact me internally. The same can be said for Unseen. It is always safest to pass email around through the same system. I would definitely avoid Hushmail, which is located in Canada and so can be forced to “tell all” at the government’s whim, and also, which has servers in New York. These are both pathetic jokes as far as I am concerned, and you should look with suspicion on any US, Canadian, UK, or Australia based service because all of those countries are now run by Neo Nazi trash.

Unseen also supports p2p chat, voice, and video, and that might be a good platform we can use to have our meetings. Let me know if you are interested in chatting about this and we will work with the interested parties to see if we can agree to a time.

Tor anonymizer network among NSA’s targets, Snowden leaks reveal

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Published time: October 04, 2013 15:04
Edited time: October 06, 2013 18:43

Top-secret national security documents disclosed to the Guardian by Edward Snowden show United States and British intelligence have long attempted to crack the Tor anonymizer network used by human rights workers, journalists, cybercriminals and others.

On Friday, the Guardian published leaked documents attributed to the former intelligence contractor revealing how the US National Security Agency and Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters, or GCHQ, have worked extensively towards compromising the computers of people who browse the Internet with Tor, a program that routes traffic through multiple nodes in an effort to help mask the identities of its users.

According to the Guardian’s James Ball, Bruce Schneier and Glenn Greenwald, the NSA’s “current successes against Tor rely on identifying users and then attacking vulnerable software on their computer.”

While it seems that the NSA has not compromised the core security of the Tor software or network, the documents detail proof-of-concept attacks, including several relying on the large-scale online surveillance systems maintained by the NSA and GCHQ through internet cable taps,” the writers add.

The Guardian has so far published three top-secret government slideshows used to discuss the Tor network and possible vulnerabilities that might compromise users if properly exploited.

In one document, the NSA notes that Tor, or “The Onion Router,” enables anonymous Internet activity to Iranian and Chinese dissidents, terrorists and “other targets too!” The software has become increasingly used around the globe by privacy-minded individuals of all sorts in recent months. However, previous documents disclosed by Mr. Snowden detailed how the intelligence community have made many successful efforts to compromise other would-be secure modes of communicating.

As RT reported previously, the number of Americans using Tor jumped 75 percent between June 1, just days before the first Snowden leak, and August 27, 2013.

One government document, “Peeling Back the Layers of TOR with Egotisticalgiraffe,” suggests the security of some Tor users can be compromised if the government or other malicious actor can exploit bugs in the Firefox browser and other vulnerabilities.

In another slideshow, “Tor Stinks,” the government claims it already has access to a select number of nodes which anonymized traffic is navigated through.

The “goal,” according to the NSA slide, is to “expand [the] number of nodes we have access to.” To accomplish as much, it’s acknowledged that  GCHQ runs Tor nodes under a program of its own, and that other partners may be able to assist with further efforts to deconstruct traffic patterns to narrow-in on otherwise anonymous users.

Other tools used by the NSA involve collecting cookies from Tor users created when they are browsing the Web without the anonymizer software running. One technique, codenamed “QUANTUM,” exists to degrade, deny and disrupt Tor access, according to the documents. Another, “QUANTUMCOOKIE,” “forces client to divulge stored cookies” which could then further aid investigators attempting to hone in on targets otherwise protected by Tor.

Despite the NSA and GCHQ’s efforts, though, Tor itself has proved to be invincible to government attacks thus far.

Can we exploit nodes? Probably not,” reads one slide which cites “legal and technical challenges.”

Still, the government has considered disrupting traffic over the Tor network to likely draw users off the nodes and into a habitat where their actions could be more easily traced. In one slide, the NSA suggests they could “set up a lot of really slow Tor nodes,” disguised as high bandwidth, “to degrade the overall stability of the network.”

Tor documents, courtesy of Glenn Greenwald:





The Nazi Mindset in America

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Note:  Some of this may be hard to take, but we must eliminate all vestiges of outmoded statist ideas in order for us to have true freedom.  This article is as good a place to start as any.




The Nazi Mind-Set in America

Copyright by Jacob G. Hornberger,

The Future of Freedom Foundation



Before the end of World War II, in 1944, Friedrich A. Hayek, who

was later to win the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Science,

startled the Western world with a book entitled “The Road to

Serfdom”. Hayek argued that despite the war against Nazi Germany,

the economic philosophy of the Nazis and communists was becoming

the guiding light for American and British policymakers. In a

later forward to the book, Hayek wrote:


“But after the war broke out I felt that this widespread mis-

understanding of the political systems of our enemies, and

soon also of our new ally, Russia, constituted a serious danger

which had to be met by a more systematic effort. Also, it was

already fairly obvious that England herself was likely to ex-

periment after the war with the same kind of policies which I

was convinced had contributed so much to destroy liberty else-



Opinion moves fast in the United States, and even now it is

difficult to remember how comparatively a short time it was

before “The Road to Serfdom” appeared that the most extreme

kind of economic planning had been seriously advocated and

the model of Russia held up for imitation by men who were soon

to play an important role in public affairs…Be it enough to

mention that in 1934 the newly established National Planning

Board devoted a good deal of attention to the example of plan-

ning provided by these four countries: Germany, Italy, Russia,

and Japan.”


Americans must ask themselves a troubling question: Did Hayek’s

concerns become reality – have Americans, in fact, traveled the

road to serfdom the past fifty years? Or, to put it another way,

did the Nazis lose the military battles but win the war for the

hearts and minds of the American people?


Consider, for example, the Nazi economic system. Who can argue

that the American people do not believe in and support most of

its tenets? For example, how many Americans today do not unequi-

vocally support the following planks of the Nationalist (Nazi)

Party of Germany, adopted in Munich on February 24, 1920:


“We ask that the government undertake the obligation above all

of providing citizens with adequate opportunity for employment

and earning a living.”


“The activities of the individual must not be allowed to clash

with the interests of the community, but must take place within

its confines and be for the good of all. Therefore, we demand:

…an end to the power of the financial interests.”


“We demand profit sharing in big business.”


“We demand a broad extension of care for the aged.”


“We demand…the greatest possible consideration of small

business in the purchases of the  national, state, and muni-

cipal governments.”


“In order to make possible every capable and industrious

[citizen] the attainment of higher education and thus the

achievement of a post of leadership, the government must provide

an all-around enlargement of our entire system of public edu-

cation… We demand the education at government expense of gifted

children of poor parents…”


“The government must undertake the improvement of public health –

by protecting mother and child, by prohibiting child labor…by

the greatest possible support for all clubs concerned with the

physical education of youth.”


“[We] combat the…materialistic spirit within and without us,

and are convinced that a permanent recovery of our people can

only proceed from within on the foundation of The Common Good

Before The Individual Good.”


I repeat: How many Americans today do not unequivocally support

most, if not all, of these Nazi economic and political principles?


And if there is any doubt whether the Nazi economic philosophy

did, in fact, win the hearts and minds of the American people,

consider the following description of the Nazi economic system

by Leonard Peikoff in his book “The Ominous Parallels:”


“Contrary to the Marxists, the Nazis did not advocate public

ownership of the means of production. They did demand that the

government oversee and run the nation’s economy. The issue of

legal ownership, they explained, is secondary: what counts is

the issue of control. Private citizens, therefore, may continue

to hold titles to property – so long as the state reserves to

itself the unqualified right to regulate the use of their property.”


What American objects to these principles of the Nazi economic

system? Don’t most Americans favor the planned economy, the

regulated economy, the controlled economy? Don’t most Americans

favor the type of economic controls, and the right of government

to institute such controls, that characterized the Nazi society:

wage and price controls, high taxes, government-business partner-

ships, licensing, permits, and a myriad other economic regulations?


The truth is that Hayek’s warning was ignored. Having defeated

the Nazis in battle, Americans became ardent supporters and advo-

cates of Nazi economic policies.


Why? Part of the answer lies in another feature that was central

to the Nazi way of life: public schooling. “Oh, no! You have gone

too far this time,” the average American will exclaim. “Public

schooling is a distinctively American institution – as American

as apple pie and free enterprise.”


The truth? As Sheldon Richman documents so well in his book,

“Separating School & State,” twentieth-century Americans adopted

the idea of a state schooling system in the latter part of the

nineteenth century from – you guessed it – Prussia! And as Mr.

Richman points out, public schooling has proven as successful

in the United States as it did in Germany. Why? Because it has

succeeded in its goal of producing a nation of “good little cit-

izens” – people who pay their taxes on time, follow the rules,

obey orders, condemn and turn in the rule-breakers, and see

themselves as essential cogs in the national wheel. Consider

the words of Richard Ebeling, in his introduction to “Separating

School & State:”


“In the hands of the state, compulsory public education becomes

a tool for political control and manipulation – a prime instru-

ment for the thought police of society. And precisely because

every child passes through the same indoctrination process –

learning the same “official history,” the same “civic virtues,”

the same lessons of obedience and loyalty to the state – it

becomes extremely difficult for the independent soul to free

himself from the straight jacket of the ideology and values the

political authorities wish to imprint upon the population under

its jurisdiction. For the communists, it was the class struggle

and obedience to the Party and Comrade Stalin; for the fascists,

it was worship of the nation-state and obedience to the Duce;

for the Nazis, it was race purity and obedience to the Fuhrer.

The content has varied, but the form has remained the same.

Through the institution of compulsory state education, the child

is to be molded like wax into the shape desired by the state and

its educational elite.


We should not believe that because ours is a freer, more demo-

cratic society, the same imprinting procedure has not occurred

even here, in America. Every generation of school-age children

has imprinted upon it a politically correct ideology concerning

America‘s past and the sanctity of the role of the state in so-

ciety. Practically every child in the public school system learns

that the “robber barons” of the 19th century exploited the common

working man; that unregulated capitalism needed to be harnessed

by enlightened government regulation beginning in the Progressive

era at the turn of the century; that wild Wall Street speculation

was a primary cause of the Great Depression; that only Franklin

Roosevelt‘s New Deal saved America from catastrophe; and that

American intervention in foreign wars has been necessary and

inevitable, with the United States government required to be a

global leader and an occasional world policeman.”


This brings us to the heart of the problem – the core of the Nazi

mind-set: that the interests of the individual must be subordi-

nated to the interests of the nation. This is the principle that

controls the minds of the American people, just as it controlled

the minds of the German people sixty years ago.


Each person is viewed as a bee in a hive; his primary role in

life is to serve the hive and the ruler of the hive, and to be

sacrificed when the hive and its rulers consider it necessary.

This is why Americans of our time, unlike their ancestors,

favor such things as income taxation, Social Security, socia-

lized medicine, and drug laws; they believe, as did Germans in

the 1930s, that their bodies, lives, income, and property, in

the final analysis, are subordinate to the interests of the



As you read the following words of Adolf Hitler, ask yourself

which American politician, which American bureaucrat, which

American schoolteacher, which American citizen would disagree

with the principles to which Hitler subscribed:


“It is thus necessary that the individual shall finally come

to realize that his own ego is of no importance in comparison

with the existence of this nation; that the position of the

individual ego is conditioned solely by the interests of the

nation as a whole; that pride and conceitedness, the feeling

that the individual…is superior, so far from being merely

laughable, involve great dangers for the existence of the

community that is a nation; that above all the unity of a

nation’s spirit and will are worth far more than the freedom

of the spirit and will of an individual; and that the higher

interests involved in the life of the whole must here set

the limits and lay down the duties of the interests of the



Even though the average American enthusiastically supports the

Nazi economic philosophy, he recoils at having his beliefs lab-

eled as “Nazi”. Why? Because, he argues, the Nazi government,

unlike the U.S. government, killed six million people in concen-

tration camps, and this mass murder of millions of people, rather

than economic philosophy, captures the true essence of the Nazi



What Americans fail (or refuse) to recognize is that the concen-

tration camps were simply the logical extension of the Nazi mind-

set! It does not matter whether there were six million killed –

or six hundred – or six – or even one. The evil – the terrible,

black evil – is the belief that a government should have the power

to sacrifice even one individual for the good of the nation.

Once this basic philosophical premise and political power are

conceded, innocent people, beginning with a few and inevitably

ending in multitudes, will be killed, because “the good of the

nation” always ends up requiring it.


Political killings of innocent people could never happen in

America, our fellow citizens tell us. America is a democracy.

But so was Nazi Germany. Hitler was popularly elected, and his

economic policies were widely favored and acclaimed (by Germans

and Americans).


But there is another basic problem with that assertion: it is

happening here in America. And like the German people of the

1930s, Americans either refuse to see it happening, or they

rationalize what is happening so that they do not have to deal

with it. Now, it is true that the killings do not number in the

millions – but they certainly do number, so far, in the thousands.


Let’s take some examples. The Branch Davidians at Waco, Texas:

U.S. Army tanks and gas were used against peaceful, religious,

well-armed people. More than eighty Americans, including child-

ren were gassed and burned. And is there any remorse – any re-

gret – any independent governmental investigation into this

massacre? Not on your life. The government officials, just like

their Nazi counterparts, think they did “the right thing” in

killing our fellow citizens. And for those of you who look to

the judiciary for protection, you had better look elsewhere:

the federal judge who presided over the trial of the Waco sur-

vivors declared that he would not permit the government to be

“put on trial,” and then slapped forty-year sentences on the

Branch Davidian survivors.


Or take Randy Weaver, his wife, and son, of Idaho. First, they

were set up on an idiotic gun charge. (Weaver sold a shotgun

that was a quarter of an inch too short, at the request of a

U.S. government agent.) Then, they sent Weaver a notice of a

wrong trial date. When he failed to appear, they surrounded his

house and attacked. A government sniper shot his unarmed wife

in the head with a bullet as she was holding her baby. And they

shot Weaver’s son in the back. Then, at Weaver’s trial, they

fabricated evidence and committed perjury. Fortunately, Weaver

was acquitted. But have any criminal charges been brought against

the government agents for the murder of Weaver’s wife and son?

Did the federal judge in the case even cite the agents for con-

tempt for their reprehensible conduct? Well, did the Nazi govern-

ment ever bring charges against the SS? Did Nazi judges ever

punish Nazi officials for killing Jews?


Government officials killed Donald Scott, a millionaire rancher

in California. They claimed that they needed to barge into his

house in the middle of the night to look for marijuana. And when

Scott obeyed their order to lay down the gun he had picked up

in his fear of the intruders, they shot him dead. And it later

turned out that they hoped to find marijuana so that they could

confiscate his land and convert it to a national park.


But Americans either look the other way, the way the Germans did,

or they rationalize what is happening by saying, “The war on

drugs has gotta be won.”


And it is not just killings. Just as the Nazis did, they are

confiscating people’s money, land, boats, cars – anything they

can get their hands on. No longer do they need to depend only on

taxes for their revenues – they just go grab the money and pro-

perty directly and keep it, regardless of the guilt or innocence

of the victims. And, of course, it’s all rationalized because

“the war on drugs has gotta be won.”


And it’s not just confiscation. It is also terror – the terror

of the Internal Revenue Service agents barging into people’s

homes, “visiting” them at work, and levying liens on bank acc-

ounts and real estate without notice, hearing, or other semblance

of due process.


Yes, it’s true – we are not dealing with the killings and mass

confiscations and infliction of terror on millions of people.

It is happening only to several thousands. But that’s today.

What happens in a crisis? Suppose an American ruler decided he

is not going to get “pushed around” by the ruler of North Korea,

Haiti, Panama, Iraq, or Japan? What happens if a war is not over

in a few weeks, but instead drags out into months, even years,

with higher taxes, more controls, and…conscription? What happ-

ens if Americans, who are already being taxed 50 percent of their

incomes, now find taxes at 70 or 80 percent? What happens if

there is a massive tax strike in which millions refuse to pay

their taxes? What happens if hundreds of thousands of American

students refuse to be drafted by a president who refused to be



Will the government meekly surrender? Will it simply agree to

lose “international face”? Not on your life. The Internal Revenue

Service, the Department of Justice, the FBI, and the army will

simply turn their massive powers against the leaders of the tax

revolt and as many of its followers as possible. And they will

do whatever is necessary to teach those “draft-dodging cowards”

a lesson. The American people will learn what the German people

learned: that the omnipotent state that loves the poor and the

needy will remove its velvet glove and use its iron fist to smash

those who interfere with the “good of the nation.”


Let’s look at some more examples of the Nazi mind-set in America

this time in the Department of the Army. The army conducted nuc-

lear radiation experiments on American soldiers. Why? Because the

good of the nation required it. The army conducted drug experi-

ments on American citizens. Why? Because the good of the nation

required it. The army conducted disease experiments on the

American people. Why? Because the good the nation required it.

The army herded innocent Americans of Japanese descent into

American concentration camps. Why? Because the good of the

nation required it. The army entered into joint ventures with

German Nazis at the end of World War II. Why? Because the good

of the nation required it.


In other words, in the past, U.S. government officials have

engaged in evil, Nazi-like conduct for the “good of the nation.”

Would they do so again? You can bet your life they would, if

the “good of the nation required it”, and even if it entailed

the violation of every single restriction on government power

set forth in the U.S. Constitution. There is nothing inevitable

in all this. Through the power of ideas, we can reverse the

trend. If ideas did not matter, governments would not try to

suppress ideas. Ideas do matter; they do have consequences;

they do influence people into acting, into changing, into

reversing course.


But the rights guaranteed by the First Amendment – the right

to speak, to write, to disseminate ideas – are not sufficient.

The ultimate safeguard against the ultimate tyranny lies instead

with the right to bear arms guaranteed by the Second Amendment.

If this Amendment is destroyed or severely constricted, the rest

of the Constitution becomes worthless, because in a crisis in

which their power base is threatened, and in which there are no

means of forcible resistance, government officials will squash

the things they view as “technicalities” – free speech, habeas

corpus, trial by jury, and the other rights guaranteed in the



Combine a crisis with a disarmed, discontented citizenry, and

the concentration camp for hundreds of thousands becomes a real

possibility. But when the citizenry, together with various pat-

riotic sheriffs, police, and members of the armed forces, have

the means to inflict severe casualties on their potential

oppressors, tyrants think twice before they try to oppress their

own citizens too heavily.


That is why every single effort to restrict or control or manage

the ownership of guns must be resisted. The ultimate barrier to

the ultimate tyranny lies not with the ballot box. It lies not

with the soapbox. It lies not with the jury box. The ultimate

barrier to the tyranny of one’s own government lies with the

cartridge box.


Contrary to everything our rulers tell us, and everything that

our schoolteachers are teaching the children of this nation,

the biggest threat to the lives and well-being of the American

people lies not with some foreign government. The biggest threat

to the American people lies with the United States government.


And while gun ownership stands as a barrier to potential, Nazi-

like behavior, the long-term solution is to dismantle, not reform,

the iron fist of the welfare state and the controlled economy.

This includes the end (not the reform) of the IRS, the DEA, the

BATF, the SEC, the FDA, HUD, the departments of HHS, Labor,

Agriculture, and Energy, and every other agency that takes money

from some and gives it to others or interferes with peaceful

behavior. It entails the repeal of all laws that permit such

conduct. And it means the privatization of most of the bureau-

crats who work for the U.S. government.


But it also entails the end of potential oppressors, who, in

the past, have shown no reluctance to engage in evil, malicious,

illegal, Nazi-like conduct against American citizens, such as

the CIA and the standing army.


Would this mean that the U.S. government would not be permitted

to act as the international Roman emperor? That is exactly what

it should mean. But what about threats of invasion of the United

States? Such threats are virtually nonexistent. But if every sin-

gle citizen if free to arm himself to the teeth, any nation con-

templating invasion would know that attacking the United States

would be like swallowing a porcupine.


What about a quick mobilization? There would be no reason why

citizen-soldiers would not quickly mobilize in the event of an

emergency. For example, suppose that the standing army is dis-

banded. The members of the 82nd Airborne Division would not

simply disappear. They would become private, productive citizens,

but ready in times of peril to answer the call. They could be,

and probably would be more than willing to be, at any location

in the country within 24 hours.


Moreover, there would be a doubly positive effect in terms of

economic prosperity. No longer would taxes have to be sucked

out of the pockets of private citizens to support the armed

forces. And the members of the armed forces, now privatized,

would now be economically productive members of society.


In his book “The Road to Serfdom,” Friedrich Hayek warned Ameri-

cans in 1944 that despite their military war against the Nazis,

they were traveling the philosophical and economic road that the

Nazis and the communists were traveling. Our grandparents and

parents ignored Hayek’s warning. Now, we are left with the

consequences; a government of omnipotent size and power using

its power to kill innocent, peaceful citizens and confiscate

millions of dollars of property to feed its insatiable hunger

for more power. Today, the number of victims is in the thousands.

But at the end of this road lie the concentration camps for the



Can the tide be reversed? Can the omnipotent state be dismantled,

rather than simply reformed?


Yes. It will take a return to first principles – the principles

on which this nation, not Germany, was founded: principles that

hold that it is the individual, not the collective, that is

supreme; that each individual has been endowed by his creator

with inalienable rights; that among these rights are life,

liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; that to secure these

rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their

just powers from the consent of the governed; that whenever

any government, including the American government, becomes

destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to

alter or abolish it and to institute a new government; and that

no individual – his life, liberty, or property – shall ever be

sacrificed for the good of the nation. As Ayn Rand put it thirty

years ago in her essay, “The Fascist New Frontier”:


“If you wish to oppose [statism], you must challenge its basic

premises. You must begin by realizing that there is no such

thing as “the public interest” except as the sum of the inter-

ests of individual men. And the basic, common interest of all

men – all rational men – is freedom. Freedom is the first re-

quirement of “the public interest” – not what men do when they

are free, but that they are free. All their achievements rest

on that foundation – and cannot exist without it.


The principles of a free, non-coercive social system are the

only form of “the public interest.” Such principles did and do

exist. Try to project such a system. In today’s cultural atmos-

phere, it might appear to you like a journey into the unknown.

But – like Columbus – what you will discover is America.”

Live Your Dream

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Live Your Dream!


Everyone has a dream.  Some want to become a famous movie or rock star, others dream of being a millionaire, living in a fancy mansion, surrounded by luxury.


Others dream of a bright new sports car, a dream vacation, a happy marriage, wonderful children, being a famous writer…..  The list goes on and on.  Every person has their own special, unique DREAM of what they want out of life, but only about 3-5% actually attain that dream.


At the end of a long life, instead of reflecting back on a lifetime of joy, happiness, and fulfillment, most people look back on a life of unhappiness, shattered hopes and dreams, and economic ruin.


Why is this?  Is there a way or some method you can apply to your life so that your dreams are NOT shattered, but, rather, filled to the brim?


By the time we reach 25 years of age, most of us have resigned ourselves to “reality,” which means that we think the dreams we had early in life were nothing but a childish fantasy, and  that we should give up and submit ourselves to the gloom and doom of reality. For most, this means the 9-5 grind, just making enough money to keep our heads above water, problems with the children, problems with our spouse, problems, problems, problems.


It is a fact that most people, by the time they reach about 30 – and generally 40 at the latest – find ourselves in roughly the same position as their parents before them!  We live in the same kind of house, the same kind of neighborhood, and find ourselves doing essentially the exact same kind of things that our parents were doing at that age!  Amazing, isn’t it?


But why, exactly, does this happen?  Is it fate?  Is there nothing we can do about it?


For most people, it really IS fate, because they are not aware or awake enough to know that things could be different.  What they are really doing is sleep walking through life like a robot or zombie, performing tasks and thinking in a very mechanical way, not really being conscious of the vast universe around them and the potential that is out there, simply waiting to be claimed!


In order to understand the why’s of the above, you must learn some important things that you will find through this website and its links.  A perusal of the free areas of this website will give you a start on the road, and, if you decide that success is for you, and that you truly want to wake up from your sleepwalking, then you will want to join with us and be given the special guidance that you can only receive as a member of Destiny Worldwide.


But, we don’t expect you to take our word for it.  I can sit here and tell you that we have pioneered the road to success for you so that we can show you the way, but only through testing this out for yourself can you get a true indication if this will work for you.


So, most of what you find in the free areas of this website can be considered, then, to be a test drive – but you can only truly test drive this knowledge if you actually engage in the activities and read and listen to the resources here in our free area.


In this respect, this website is much better than one of those “free seminars” held in big hotel conference rooms could ever hope to be!  We are not going to fill you up with hype so that you can come to a weekend class or workshop, and then buy a tape album, get a handshake, and then fall flat on your face immediately afterwards.


Because, my friends, that is EXACTLY what normally happens to these weekend seminar attendees – most of them FAIL almost immediately after the weekend seminar.  And the tapes, sadly, may be an inspiration, but for some reason never really seem to work.


This brings us back to the crux of the problem.  There are, actually, TWO PROBLEMS HERE ROLLED INTO ONE.


Let me explain.


Problem number 1, which I mention elsewhere on this website, is that in your subconscious mind there is an image of what you are.  This image is formed at an early age, usually by age 5 or 6, and is reinforced by our parents, family, friends, and environment.  At this early stage, this picture of ourselves forms, and in later life is reinforced more and more. It in fact becomes clearer and clearer and in the same direction and trajectory that it had at age 5!


This is why over weight people almost never can keep the pounds off forever.  It is why smokers can’t quit, it is why we end up in the same type of house and the same basic economic status of our parents.  It explains everything.  In this respect, we are allowing our subconscious autopilot, established at age 5, to run our lives for us in an automatic way.


This is because the data already in our subconscious minds about who we are attracts to itself and accepts only data that reinforces this self image, or holographic image of self that is deeply imbedded in the subconscious, and which acts as a filter for all new information entering the subconscious.


It is a self fulfilling prophecy and image, and is at the core of our being.  It is, once again, an autopilot type of situation and can be likened to sleep.  Most people never wake up from this sleep their entire lives, and wonder why at the end of life they are so far from where they wanted to be.  Of course, they fail to realize that this is simply the natural consequence of a life asleep, unconscious, and unaware.


For millennia, Eastern mystics have talked about CONSCIOUSNESS.  They say that only by awakening consciousness can one obtain one’s true potential.  And, as far as it goes, much of this is correct.  But, in their ignoring the physical realm, most of them have fallen in the opposite ditch, and live a life of total denial to awaken the spiritual side of them.


While this may work to their benefit on one level, they have to give up everything on the physical plain to obtain a spiritual result.  This, to most people is unacceptable.  And, as you will learn, it is totally unnecessary!


Many of you have never heard of the Bhagwan Shre Rajneesh.  He was a great Indian guru several decades ago who established a community in Oregon, a University, and many other things.  He was also, interestingly, considered to be public enemy #1 by the US government and various other gurus in India, who did not like what he was teaching.


I am not asking you to become a Buddhist.  I am not asking you to accept any particular religion.  The only reason I bring this up is because this man was on to something very important.  I will now reproduce a couple of paragraphs from one of his messages [from memory, so please forgive any inaccuracies] that show a unique insight and from which we will draw some very important lessons.


He said, “ In the East, we have Buddha.  Buddha is spiritual, and teaches us to emphasize the spiritual.  In India, many people concentrate on the spiritual and ignore the physical.  This means that people make great spiritual progress, while at the same time they live in poverty and want, lacking very many physical accomplishments.  This is unbalanced and not good.


“In the West, you have Zorba.  Zorba  emphasizes the physical but ignores the spiritual.  This means that in the West you have great physical accomplishments, but you have no spiritual guidance.  So, despite your great physical progress, because you lack spiritual roots, you have brought the human race to the verge of extinction.


“Both of these concepts, taken alone, are unbalanced.  What we need to have is a whole planet of Zorba the Buddha’s! Only then could we have spiritual enlightenment and physical progress at the same time, and only then could we save the human race from extinction.”


I agree with this statement.  What happened to Western Civilization is that back in Greek times they came up with the concept of dualism.  This taught that the physical body and the spiritual self were two separate and opposed things.  It would also appear that Eastern religions have been infected with the same untruth.


The lie holds that the body is dirty, and pulls us down into the dirt, and that it is separate from the spiritual body.  These two bodies, according to this philosophy, are constantly at war, and, to be enlightened means to deny the physical body and nourish only the spiritual.


To the vast majority of people, this is unacceptable, because their minds are concentrated on the physical world around them and their own physical bodies and its pleasures.  And they think that in order to do this, they must ignore the spiritual.


This is utter nonsense, and leads the physically minded person to sleepwalk themselves through life, never attaining what they want to attain, relegating themselves to simply being physical machines, or ROBOTS.  And when the machine stops running, they are simply GONE, as we will find out later in our studies.


This is because while man has the POTENTIAL for greatness beyond our imaginations, unless this greatness, or divine spark, is awakened and crystallized, there is no guarantee for the continuation of the personality after death, unless there is some form of Divine intervention in this regard.


However, if you become crystallized during this life, then there is something to continue on after the machine breaks down!  And, in fact, if you truly understand the things you will learn here, you will discover that the machine can go on indefinitely, leading to life spans of unbelievable length, richness and fulfillment!


Let me explain by going just a little bit further.  This can serve as lesson 1, or an introductory lesson, if you will, for what you will discover later on.  It is like peeling back layer after layer of an onion of lies and half truths, until, at the center, we come face to face with reality and truth.


Science tells us that our bodies are the most fascinating of biological machines.  They are made to repair themselves and maintain themselves so well, that there is no real reason we should not live for 1,000 years or more.  In fact, they do not understand why we just don’t simply go on almost forever!


The only problem is, as we grow older, something seems to happen.  It is almost as if some kind of PROGRAM comes into play, automatically, causing our cells to start to degenerate. This process we call aging, but science can’t really explain why this goes one, they just know that it does.


Now, I am going to tell you some unbelievable things.  I don’t have the space here, nor is it the intent, to go into the why’s and how’s here, as this information will be covered in depth later on, as we progress, step by step, to attain our true potential.  So for now, you are simply going to have to take my word that everything I am about to tell you can be proven, but the explanations are neither easy nor simple, and you will have to absorb lots of information in order to understand these things.  However, it is well worth it, as you will soon see!  This will serve as a roadmap to your future, if you dare to accept it!


Most animals, plants, and other life forms on this planet have all of the DNA they need for who and what they are, and not more.  Likewise, their brains are just the right size for full utilization by the particular species.


In other words, monkeys use all of their brains for what they do, as do parrots, dogs, cats, etc.  Likewise, their DNA maps out who and what they are, with nothing else added.


This would certainly make sense, whether you believe the theory of evolution or not.  Either way, this is what is to be expected and what we actually see in the world around us.


Except for humans, that is!


Strangely, science has noted that we have “extra” DNA that we don’t use!  They refer to it as “junk” DNA – but this is simply because they don’t understand it, not because it is truly junk.


Just HOW MUCH of this “junk” DNA is there in humans?  Is it maybe a couple of strands?  Nope.  Maybe half a dozen?  Wrong again.


Astounding as it may sound, the average human only uses approximately 2 out of a total of 12 strands! That means that the MAJORITY of our DNA seems to have no use or purpose!  That is truly astounding, and totally contrary to what we see in nature!


Now, here comes another interesting and related fact that will also blow you away.  Most of us know that science says that we don’t use all of our brain capacity.  Naturally, most people would think that it must only be a small  portion that we don’t use.  I, myself, in earlier years thought that maybe we didn’t use a third of our brains.


But that is also wrong.  The truth is that we don’t use over 85% of our brains!  Put another way, the average human only uses 15% of his or her brain capacity!


So, is the rest just “waste?”  What, exactly, is it for?


When you combine these two mysteries, you are left with a very puzzling picture.  Nature is economical and doesn’t tend to waste anything.  In the animal kingdom, there is very little waste, except maybe for a tail here or there or some other small part of the body that is a vestige from the past.


Otherwise, nature endows its creatures with what they need for survival and not much else.


The idea that this DNA of 80-90% overcapacity, combined with a brain “overcapacity” of approximately the same amount, does not suggest that humans are evolving at all  — rather, it suggests in the strongest terms that we as a species are actually devolving at an alarming rate!


In other words, at some point in the past, it would make sense that this so called “excess capacity” — which is, in fact many times greater than the capacity most of us are using – was actually used for something very important, otherwise, why would 85% of our brain capacity and DNA be used for whatever it was?


Further, this suggests that there is something very wrong or abnormal to our present state of being.  In other words, what you consider NORMAL, is actually very abnormal!


I will interject at this point that there is one other possible explanation for all of this, and it may indeed be part of the answer.  The only OTHER WAY that you could get such a skewed situation genetically is if the human race was somehow a hybrid species that had been genetically engineered by a higher class of being, and that the “creators” simply did not want to train humans how to use this “excess capacity.”


In the material that follows on this website and in our member’s area, we will be exploring these intriguing mysteries of just who and what man is!


The answers will simply astound you!  You will take in your breathe in utter DISBELIEF once you discover what your incredible human potential is!


I will simply say now that you need to prepare yourself for a voyage of discovery unlike anything you have dared to imagine or dream is possible.


You will discover the hidden mysteries of the ages, WHY this information has been held back from “the average man and woman,” and what you can do to claim your divine inheritance and your rightful place in the universe.


No science fiction writer would DARE to even get close to the amazing FACTS you will discover on your journey of self discovery and actualization!


Down through the ages, philosophers, kings, emperors, and high priests have only DREAMED of discovering what you are about to learn!


They only “saw through a glass darkly,” but now, you can understand the TRUTH about yourself, why you were born, and what awesome potential you were truly meant to have.

We will place into your hands not only the keys to the engine in your own mind and body that you did not know existed, but we will also give you the owner’s manual so that you can learn how to drive the most fantastic creation the universe has ever seen!

Once you begin this FANTASTIC VOYAGE, you will eagerly await each new lesson and seminar with excitement and anticipation.  You will hardly be able to wait for the next update, and the next and the next.  And at the same time you are learning, you can be earning your way to the dreams you have always had!


So, buckle up your seat belt, keep on checking back in our success and audio sections, as well as every other part of this website, and begin the journey of a lifetime that only a handful have followed for the last 10,000 years or so!


This is like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, the fountain of youth, the answers to the most important questions in life, happiness, joy, and fulfillment all in one place!


We pray that you will have a great journey!

We encourage you to join our SuccessQuest forum right away to find out more.







Do You Fit the Profile?

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Are you a US citizen?  Do you ever embark on international travel

alone?  Do you wear loose fitting clothing for the flight?  Do you

often arrive at international airports without a bag full of

souvenirs?  If so, be careful – you fit the US customs profile of a

drug courier!

A 50 year old woman (a US citizen born in Columbia) recently traveled

to the US from Hong Kong.  She was traveling alone, wearing loose

fitting clothing and carrying none of the souvenirs typical of the

“average” traveler.

On this basis, and because she was judged to have answered some

questions in an “evasive” manner, she was taken in to a side room,

patted down and ordered to strip.  Her body cavities were probed and

she was forced to take a series of laxatives, which induced 28 bowel

movements over an 8-hour period.

No drugs were found – but this is unlikely to bring about any changes

to a system under which almost every international traveler could be

drawn under the spotlight as a possible drugs courier and subjected to

intrusive and degrading treatment at the hands of the authorities.


Is Your Bank Account Part Of The Public Record?


I am a financial services professional and as such, am offered lists

of peoples names (for sale) all the time. These ‘list vendors’ usually

tell me that they can pinpoint everything from income to net worth.

Okay, that’s not good. However, last week, it got even worse. A woman

called me and offered a list which, she claimed, was straight from the

banks themselves.

SHE: I can sell you names and give you their income, and deposits at

local banks.

I: How do you know it’s accurate?

SHE: We collect information and separate them by demographics and incomes.

I: Where do you get this information?

SHE: From the banks themselves.

I: Why, do they turn over the names of their clients to you?

SHE: They don’t, it’s part of the public record.

I: How’s that?

SHE: When banks merge, the Gov’t does an audit. They audit everything

from mortgage apps to deposits. Those mortgage apps have, of

course, every bit of financial information about someone. The

government audit is public record.

I: And you can give me the value of these individual accounts?

SHE: No, the government groups them into brackets, like $100,000 to


I: So you get the brackets?  Or the actual values?

SHE: We get the brackets. Only the banks and the governments know the

values. So, do you want to buy the list or not?

I: I honestly don’t feel that I can support that.

Boy, do I feel better now, knowing that the government adds my bracket


100 Ways to Disappear and Live Free

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Note: This is an older article, so some of the things mentioned below may not work anymore.


To “live free” means to be able to control your own life and to avoid violence, or the threat of violence, by others. What you do and how you do it will almost always determine whether or not freedom will be yours.  But YOU must take the responsibility for creating your own freedom.  No one, especially the “government” will do it for you.

To “disappear” means to make it impossible for other people to invade your personal world of freedom.  Since most such invasion is by means of electronic data gathering and cross-referencing, you must be able to short-circuit these procedures effectively.

The most efficient method today is through the use of what we call “alternate identification”.  If the new names and numbers you plug into the computer networks don’t match the old ones, you have not only “disappeared”, but have also been “reborn”.  And being reborn means leaving your past records where they can no longer affect you and your lifestyle.

This “disappearing” of individuals is obviously discomforting to institutions and governments determined to control personal activities in the Land of the Free.  To them it appears downright seditious, since in reality their power depends directly on the number of people they can control-through computerized records, of course.

To those who actually “disappear”, however, the act is one of tremendous personal liberation.  Free men owe very little to those who restrict opportunities on the basis of past records.  An extreme example, which nevertheless applies to all of us, is this: When a person convicted of a felony has served his full sentence, is he then “free”?  Hardly. What he will experience is really a LIFE SENTENCE of second-rate opportunity.

And what happens to the convict, in practice, happens to everyone who manages to have negative personal information placed in his “records”.  When it comes to the point of a person’s having to live with a condemning past and ever-narrowing opportunities, it becomes easily understandable why he should be willing and anxious to scuttle his labeled identity and take on another.

Becoming a new identity, however, involves many things and requires careful attention to detail, as we shall show. At the heart of this process, though, is the ATTITUDE a person must assume if he is to make it work.  He must forget about “his” government; he must become his own government, answerable only to himself, with his own rules, laws, and systems of behavior.  This is an existential “moment” few are disciplined enough to experience, but it can be done. The result will be a growing detachment from Big Brother and a corresponding increase of personal freedom.

The individual needn’t worry about what would happen “if everybody else did this” because they WON’T.  The object is for individuals, acting as individuals, to declare their mental independence from whatever System is attempting to enslave them.  As individuals they are the best judges of what degree of slavery they can accept, how far down the road they can go before becoming robots for Big Brother.  Simply put, it’s the Sheep and the Wolves.  The Sheep go to slaughter, the Wolves wherever they wish….

There are numerous intermediate tactics between total compliance and complete disappearance, such as refusing to give your Social Security number (or giving it incorrectly), avoiding taxes, obtaining several foreign citizenships and passports, setting up bank accounts in several other countries, and planning at least two routes of escape to other countries, but in the end you will discover there really is no freedom in the world-‘YOU MUST CREATE YOUR OWN.  You must learn how to protect your own rights as you define them.  No one else will do it for you, NO ONE.

The object of this publication is to suggest ways an individual can, in practice, escape his past and secure a new future, on his own terms. Individuals will vary greatly in how they carry out their disappearances, and it is our hope that the ideas we present here are useful towards those ends.  We make no claims of completeness or of exhausting the subject, as that could be potentially dangerous were individuals to rely solely on this information.

We must stress that everyone should think over his situation as carefully as possible, and then pick and choose which among our methods are best suited to his needs.  Above all, he must begin using his head, trusting his hunches and instincts, and thinking of himself as separate, different, and even superior to those stuck in the System.  He will have to become a Wolf.  He must stand alone to be free.


If you need to dump your car, sell it yourself to a private party for cash.  Be very careful not to reveal anything to this person about your real plans or reasons for selling.  He would be an ideal source of information of this nature for snoopers, thanks to the efficiency of auto registration systems throughout the country.  The buyer will, of course, be an excellent place to dump your fake information…

Once you relocate, should you need another car, pay cash for it even if it represents lowering your “status”.  Delay registering it as long as possible.  By the time you do, hopefully you will have established a new identity completely unknown to the last owner of the car.

Changing completely the “profile” of the type of car you drive might help reinforce your new identity, too.  If you last had a large, domestic, expensive car, try for a small, foreign, economy car.  Avoid splashy colors and styling, however.  Look dull.  Red cars get more attention from highway patrols–a proven fact.

If you need to move large amounts of personal property and can’t handle the job yourself, hire some “no name” movers from a city or two away, and have them put your stuff in some kind of public storage where you control access. Days, weeks, or months later, have another mover transfer your goodies to your new address.  Plan this latter move for a time when you feel there might be the least chance of surveillance of the storage premises.  DO IT QUICK.  Avoid any intervening visits to check up on your stored items.  Remember, too, to give false and misleading information to the agents who rent the storage space to you.

Sever all ties with any unions, clubs, lodges, or other organizations to which you belong.  Become a “lost” member.  It’s best to leave these groups “cold”, that is, don’t go around cashing in your interests in special funds or private accounts to the point where it becomes obvious you’re intending to pull up stakes.  Leave a few bucks on the books.

Never send in Change-of-Address forms to publishers of magazines or other periodicals, and certainly don’t leave such a form at the local Post Office.  Your mail will be returned to senders stamped, “Moved, left no forwarding address”, or “Unable to forward”, or words to this effect.

Never become friendly with a landlord.  Hold up your end of the rental agreement, and he will undoubtedly be pleased to leave you completely alone.  Landlords are fertile sources of information for snoops, so consider every conversation with them the same as if you were talking with the FBI.  In his case, however, you are perfectly free to lie, mislead, and deceive all day long with impunity, so DO IT.   Remember, however, that if you burn him for the rent when you split, you will gain not only an unpaid creditor but also an enemy who will bend over twice to help skip tracers.

Life insurance should be cancelled or allowed to lapse.  If there is any cash value, take the money before you split.  Insurance companies are great gatherers of personal information, so be sure not to tip off agents regarding your plans.  Give them believable excuses like deciding to go with another carrier or your employer’s group plan, etc.

When you change houses or apartments, be careful not to leave behind items that might serve as indicators of your past, your interests, hobbies, or lifestyle.  Books and clothing items you no longer need should be donated anonymously to the Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc.

If you have grown children make it clear to them they will never know where you really are.  Correspond through mail drops and make phone calls from pay booths if you must communicate.  Cutting family ties can be painful, but sometimes the alternatives hurt more.  Ideally, parents should train their children never to give personal information to third parties.  Agents and investigators should be told to “get a warrant”.

Don’t worry about being tracked down by your photo.  Tracing by photo isn’t done unless you’re a fairly notorious person, usually with a reward on your head.  You’ve got to be “worth” the great effort and expense.  It is possible to trace a person this way, but modern cops and dicks don’t do it unless there is no other way and the search is justified.  The FBI admits that at any one time there are at least 75,000 fugitives in the U.S., so the Post Office photos can’t really be working all that well, eh?

It can be super-cool to room in someone else’s apartment or home. Check the daily newspapers for ads under heading like “Rooms to share”, “Rentals to share”, or “Apartments to share”.  This way all records relating to occupancy will already be in someone else’s name.  You will make arrangements with the current occupant only, not the landlord and the various utilities.  This arrangement is well suited to someone wanting to put lots of “distance” between one identity and another, a great way to “get lost”, even if only a few blocks away.  Once a new identity has been set up–a process that can take several weeks or months for someone wanting foolproof identity—he is much freer to appear, fully reborn, wherever he pleases.

Avoid getting involved in lawsuits or failing to respond to citations.  If you have to split in a hurry, and can’t make an appearance, you’ve just bought yourself a possible bench warrant, which will be happily enforced the next time a traffic officer, pulls you over for a “broken tail light”.  It is a well-known fact that arrests of most cons and fugitives are made in “circumstances unrelated to their crimes”. Stops for traffic violations are number-one such “circumstances”….

Pets can be a drag if you need to move in a hurry, so consider your situation carefully if you simply must have one.  Also, most urban areas require the registering of certain kinds of animals, especially dogs. You can avoid registering them as long as possible, and give totally false information when a canvassing inspector catches up to you.

If you own or are buying a home, but want to disappear, arrange to have an attorney handle the sale and escrow.  Attorneys can generally be counted on to follow their client’s instructions, and are usually quite careful about divulging information to third parties (snoops). Short of a court order, data relating to their clients is considered private and “privileged”.  You will want to instruct your attorney in the manner of forwarding funds to you.  He will have several ideas along this line, such as a trust account, conversion to cask, or deposit made out of state or the country.

There should be no problem in his handling the details of the sale once you grant him power of attorney for this purpose.  Don’t be afraid to pay him well for his services, as he will remain a known “link” between your old and new lives.  Should other methods of tracing fail, investigators will put pressure on him.  Since most attorneys enjoy a good battle of wits, protect yourself by keeping him on your side. Wealthy people have always used smart attorneys to cover their moves, and so can you.

Similarly, if you have recently been the beneficiary of a will or have an interest in an estate, notify the executor that further transactions are to be directed through your attorney.  Your address can thus be kept from public records.  Since many probate matters can drag on for years, your present address will have to be known to the executor.  It shouldn’t bother him that you wish a little privacy.  If the estate in question were of great value to you, you would naturally want an attorney to look out for your interests, so this is the perfect excuse.  Attorneys should be used.

If minor children are involved in your disappearing act, things can get complicated if they can’t or won’t cooperate with you.  You will probably be changing identity, so you will have to get them to accept at least a new surname.  Be serious about it and they should get

the message.  They will have to cut off contact with old neighborhood friends, and will have to enroll in new schools under their new names. Since most schools require records and transcripts to be sent from the last school of attendance, and enrollment of kindergarteners and first graders to be accompanied by birth certificates, a little ingenuity and cleverness is in order.

First, birth certificates can easily be faked, as there are many sources of blank forms.  Check the classified ads in any of the national tabloids (“Midnight”, “The National Enquirer”, etc.) under such headings as “Certificates” and “Miscellaneous”.  The ID cards offered by these mail order firms are often accompanied by free birth certificates, too. For more information on birth certificates and alternate identity, order a copy of THE PAPER TRIP II, from Eden Press ($19.95).

In this latter book, you will also get ideas into how to create “records” of past activities, methods that will work in helping you cover your children’s tracks as well.  The basic technique is to recreate the records you want, provide the address of a mail forwarding service as that of the source of those records, and handle all correspondence yourself. By using photo duplication of altered documents, a little rubber-stamping, or even some “quick-print” offset printing, you can easily and rather quickly come up with working solutions to some of the most baffling problems in starting a new identity.  You can have a field day creating all kinds of “backgrounds”.  The only limitation is your own imagination.  These methods WORK, too!!

It would usually be a good idea not to give children an advance warning they are about to split the neighborhood, as they will be quick to tell their friends and schoolmates.  Once on the move, keep them from communicating until you can arrange for them not to give away your location.  Mail forwarding services can help here, too.  Have them begin using their new last names right away.

If you belong to an Automobile Association, let your membership lapse.  If you decide to rejoin, do it several months later under a new name, or join some other Auto Club under the new name.

If you use a particular barber or beauty shop, give no indication you are about to move or make any kind of radical change in your life. Talk about the weather, politics, or sports, but keep your private thoughts from becoming popular knowledge.  Gossip thrives in these places.  The same goes for bars, pool halls) liquor stores, and restaurants, which you have frequented in the past.  Don’t tip them off.

If you’re planning to remain in the same general area, don’t use your old library card anymore.  Chuck it and apply for another at another branch, under another name, of course.

When dealing with any real estate people to set up your new location, use only your new name.  Many real estate firms also handle rentals, and are thus good sources for tracers if they have a general idea where you are, or are headed.  This underlines the need to begin creating a new identity before you ever decide to “move”.

When you notify the utilities and telephone company to discontinue service, tell them not to send any refunds (if any are due) or closing bills until you notify them, as you are relocating and are not yet sure of the address.  This way you will not be leaving any leads in this fer-tile field for investigators.

If you plan to remain in the general area serviced by the same utility company or companies, it would be advisable to have service begun either several weeks before you move (under the new name), or several weeks after you move.  Snoops would find “connect” requests within five to ten days of your move worth investigating, dig?

If you ship personal property via UPS or common carrier, don’t give them the address where you intend to locate, not even the city.  Simply tell them to ship to one of their pick-up points reasonably nearby your new location.  Tell them you won’t have a definite address for several weeks, and that you will pick the stuff up “Will Call”.  To put a good kink in pursuers’ trail, collect your items at this latter destination and ship again, via another carrier, to a location nearer your actual destination.  Do the “Will Call” number again, though.  A cardinal operating procedure is never to establish a link between the new and the old. Use blind addresses, aliases and other covers to screen the actual transactions.  Time delays work in your favor also, the longer the better.

If you decide to hawk your possessions before disappearing, be extremely careful not to give away your real reasons for doing so (you could be going into missionary work in Uruguay), and definitely not the destination you have in mind.  You could even pretend you are an employee of the person moving, and that the “boss” is moving his business to another state. A gambit used by many fly-by-night employers, such as carnival

operators, is to claim that they can never make decisions (write checks) without their “brother’s” approval and signature.  Gee, they’d love to pay you, but their “brother” is tied up out of town until a week from next Tuesday….  Meanwhile, the operator splits.

If you decide to use a pawnshop for certain items, again, be discreet and careful not to divulge helpful information regarding your move.  Pawnshops are natural haunts for snoops.  Unless you’re used to dealing with them, it might be safest to sell your items openly.  Pawnshop operators are very astute observers of people, and you could easily tip them off without intending to.  They can sense desperation before you even come through the door.

Although procedures vary from state to state, it is generally possible one way or another to trace a person through his vehicle registration.  If you plan to take your car with you, as a first measure simply don’t notify the Motor Vehicle people of your change of address.  Sometime before you must pay registration fees again, either sell the car outright, or, arrange a dummy sale to yourself under your new name–a transaction that can often be done by mail.

There is a national clearinghouse for vehicle registrations, which mean a particular vehicle, if properly registered, can be traced through its various sequential owners.  It would be a shame that one’s love for his car were greater than for his personal freedom, but many people will want to “take it with them”.  A two-stage dummy sale would be much safer, especially if one of the transactions took place in another state.  Registering the car in the name of a business could be another ploy to consider.  The registration of other personal property, such as boats, trailers, and airplanes should be considered in the same light as that for automobiles.

Allusions to “going back East”, or “returning to college”, can be helpful smoke screens in evading inquisitive landlords.  Never let them know where you’re really going.

J. Edgar Hoover stated many times that fully 90% of all arrests by the FBI are due directly to the “helpful cooperation” of neighbors and relatives.  Need we say more?

Should you have school-age children and not want them to attend public schools, you can:

a.    Find a suitable private school,

b.    b.  Tell neighbors the children are feeble-minded and that you are

tutoring them at home,

c.    Tell the inquisitive you are a transient visitor from Mississippi, Virginia, or South Carolina, states which have repealed compulsory attendance laws,

d.    d.  Move every three months or so to prevent rumors from spreading

too far, and/or,

e.  Keep the children under cover during school hours.

Don’t take the bus cross-country.  Terminals are notorious hangouts for snoop informers who appraise bus travelers as “only niggers, spies, college beatniks, and other commie types”.  (You’d never believe who said this, but then again, you may very well know…)    _^^^^

Keep your home, job, personal activities and hobbies well separated, even self-contained.  Don’t let heat in one area endanger any of the others.  How?  Read on…

Keep the address of where you actually live a well-guarded secret. This is VERY IMPORTANT.

Never carry your actual address on you or in your car.

Let only those who are trustworthy and have a genuine need know your actual address.

Set up a “legal” address somewhere else, such as a closet at a friend’s house, containing some misleading personal effects (books on subjects you have no interest in, and clothes a few sizes away from your own).  He can thus point to something if ever questioned, but, of course, he hasn’t the slightest notion when you’ll be returning from India…

Use this “legal” address for all your ID that you plan on using regularly, such as drivers license or state ID.  Provide it also for your employer’s records, should it be required.

If you need a telephone, not only have it unlisted, but have the records in a phony name.  Let only the address be correct among the facts you are asked to provide.  A small cash deposit is a small price to pay for anonymity.

Rent your apartment, house, etc., under yet another phony name, if you wish.  Always pay utility bills and rent with money orders or cash.  Cash doesn’t have your name on it, and you never have to provide your correct name on a money order.  Keep a few receipts with your current alias written on them in case you still haven’t obtained good ID. Virtually any recognizable paper document “with your name on it” can be good enough for you to “identify” yourself if stopped for questioning. When you are between identities, this is the most convenient way of proving you are at least more “substantial” than an escaped convict…

Receive all your mail at a 24-hour Post Office box.  Use your “legal” address to obtain the box, or any “friendly” address for that matter.  Once you have the box, and continue to pay the rent for it, your can move every day of the week, and the Post Office won’t care.

Instead of a P.O. box you can employ a mail forwarding service. They will generally cooperate fully with you in your efforts to keep a good distance between you and anyone else, whatever your reasons.  Most newspapers carry their ads in the classified section under “Personals”. With two or more services you can route your mail in and out of the country, or from one coast to the other and back again, each mailing under a different “code” name.  Houdini never had it so easy.

For people (and bill collectors) you want to “lose”, provide a forwarding address out of the country.  You can arrange to have letters mailed from foreign countries stating you have no intention of ever returning.  If they are to creditors, tell them to write you off and save the collection expenses.

Another ruse for covering tracks is to write “deceased” on the face of incoming mail.  Drop unopened into public mailboxes.  All but professional snoops will get the hint.

By far the most useful method of learning about a person “cold” is through his driver’s license, a copy of which any investigator has no difficulty in obtaining.  A postage stamp and the right request gets him the information in a few days.  The best way to make sure snoopers draw a blank is to change your identity via one of the workable methods detailed in THE PAPER TRIP II, from Eden Press.

Thanks to computers and credit cards, virtually everyone has lost his privacy, but the right maneuvers in the personal identity field can liberate an individual rather quickly from such information tyranny. Indeed, resorting to methods of “disappearing” are really the only feasible ways of evading what amounts to electronic control of your life. When you exercise the option of unplugging yourself from the computerized data exchanges, you can in fact “start all over”, or at least regain and maximize your personal privacy.  We think it’s well worth it.

It can be good discipline to do without a savings or checking account.  If you must have one, set it up under a good alias for which you will need supportive ID.  A drivers license or state ID card under a phony name can be obtained using any of the methods shown in THE PAPER TRIP II, and the Social Security “number” you give can be totally fake, even made up right on the spot.  Just remember as you recite your “number” that it has nine digits, however.  For IRS purposes, the SS# used for your checking account is of no value, and on your savings account serves

only as a crosscheck for the reporting of interest.  This latter purpose, it has been revealed, is of little consequence in that the IRS virtually never bothers to verify interest reporting statements sent in by the banks.  They have relied on the “basic honesty” of taxpayers…

A solid set of ID in another name is what can truly be called “freedom insurance”.  With the growing threat of arrest and prosecution for leading a “free” life, it’s plainly comforting to have the option to cut and run, even if you choose not to.

Obtaining alternate ID should be done before you get into trouble. Take the time to do it right.  In an emergency many other matters will compete for your time.  In the future first-class ID may become more difficult to obtain, too.

The best ID to obtain is obviously that which is issued directly by government agencies themselves.  Using forged, stolen or counterfeited ID is a bust in itself.  Privately issued ID is more lightweight, but in lieu of government-issued ID, can serve the same purpose, namely, protection from harassment.  It won’t get you a passport, though.

With “legal” ID you will find no trouble in doing many tasks, which would otherwise prove impossible or extremely difficult at best.  Also with “legal” ID the risk of detection is reduced to a minimum.  When and if you choose to disappear, you can appear instantly “identifiable”.

With government-issued ID you can effectively erase the curse of a jail or prison record.  Tens of thousands of “free” Americans carry with them the permanent label of “felon” or “ex-con”.  The real crime begins only after a person leaves the joint; legal and social ostracism continue all their lives.  What better reason to disappear?

If you had the misfortune to receive a less-than-honorable discharge from the armed forces (thousands do so annually), the acquisition and use of an alternate identity will be your first step in beginning to live free.  Even though you may have lost all or most of your G.I. “benefits”, you’ll at least be able to get a decent job–now.  Watch out for fingerprinting, however.  Big Brother has your prints, and will be only too happy to prove you’re one of those “Dirty, rotten, rat-fink, Commie deserters”.  And you thought honest criminals had it bad…?

Using an alternate identity is another way of covering up a bad employment record, too, particularly if the law was involved in some adverse way, such as in cases of theft, embezzlement, etc.  In some occupational circles the word gets around efficiently–and fast.

Many young men of draft age split to Canada during the Vietnam

fiasco to escape what they considered the illegal obligation of fighting an immoral war.  Their return was often facilitated by the acquisition of alternate identity.  And who knows when the next immoral war will be foisted onus?  It can’t hurt to be prepared.

By obtaining the right documents individuals can rather easily take on foreign citizenships, too.  Most countries have much more lax “safeguards” against the paper penetration of their document systems than the U.S.  Although superficially the more centralized countries appear to

have better control of their subjects; it is precisely this bureaucratic patina of confidence and superiority that makes their record systems more vulnerable to subversion.  If bribes and theft don’t work (they usually do), then the documents themselves are very susceptible to forgery and counterfeiting.  By approaching the right “trade ministers”, many international businessmen have obtained numerous “legitimate” foreign citizenships, passports included.  IT CAN BE DONE, U.S. “law” notwithstanding.

Many people have made regular practice collection agencies through the adroit use of identities.  They are living proof that debts belong to yesterday.  Financially they live quite free–today.

A quick way up the occupational ladder is to combine mail order school diplomas, certificates, and degrees with expert ID.  Not only can a clean break with the past be achieved, but a sharp increase in income as well.  The only limit here is your imagination and desire.

Some of the sharpest operators create ID as a physician or clergyman and rake in commercial discounts as well as hundreds of free offers and special deals once their names get on “preferred” mailing lists. Such ID can be of great benefit socially, too.

Alternate ID is the quickest way to starting all over in the credit world.  The most atrocious credit record is gone forever when your old name disappears.  This is an oversimplification, of course, but what else can be said when your aren’t “you” anymore?

Once some form of commercial or consumer credit is established, it becomes very easy to obtain all the various forms of credit cards, from bankcards to the Travel and Entertainment cards.  Complete plans for starting all over in the credit game are outlined and detailed in CREDIT, from Eden Press.


Avoid attending church.  If you must, however, use an alias when attending, and make contributions in cash, never by check.  If inquisitive neighbors ask you what church you attend, either name one of a different faith than theirs, or deny interest completely.  Give the minister totally false information about yourself, as these good folks are great gossips when approached by snoops.

Never tell neighbors where or for whom you work.  Give them false information on this subject.  If you are paid by check, DON’T deposit the paycheck in any account with your name on it.  The best idea is to go to the bank on which it is drawn and cash it there.  If you make a regular practice of this, avoid becoming familiar with any tellers or other bank personnel.  Vary the times and days for visiting the bank. Visit different branches of the bank, too.

Another check cashing tip: avoid getting it cashed at your favorite bar or tavern.  FBI agents probably spend at least a third of their working hours hanging around such places, as they seem to attract the kinds of people they are looking for.  Anytime there is a bank robbery, the first places the FBI checks out are all the bars within the immediate vicinity of the robbery.  Don’t laugh.  It’s true because it works.

Be wary of answering “personal” ads in newspapers, as well as job offers too neatly tailored to the type of work you did before disappearing.  If the ad calls for replying to a box number at the newspaper, disregard totally: it’s very likely a trap.  Reply only to ads that can guarantee not having to give yourself away, such as offers for appointments at known companies.  If phone numbers are provided in the ad, call only from a pay phone.  There’s always the possibility you might be calling directly to a bill collector or private investigator that will give you enough patter to smoke you out.

For some really unique ways to find employment, Eden Press distributes HOW TO STEAL A JOB, literally every dishonest way there is to gain honest employment.  With the techniques in this book, YOU can call all the shots.  Well worth reading even for those who already have a job, too.  Someone could be gunning for you.  This book will open your eyes.

On the job, avoid giving background information to fellow workers. If you’re planning to stay on the job only a short while, however, make an effort to plant false and misleading information in the minds of the other workers, such as your favorite pastimes, places you’d like to travel to or live someday, and your plans for the future.  Insulate your private self by keeping your personal interests and ideas to yourself alone.  Share the spurious with the curious.

Don’t subscribe to any local newspapers delivered by carriers. Buy what you need at a news rack.  These cute kids have sometimes been “helpful” sources of information about people’s habits at home.

Don’t be obvious in your living habits.  Turn lights off at a decent hour, keep stereo music from annoying neighbors, don’t place empty pony kegs on the front porch, and don’t have pets that stray or annoy. Don’t do major engine overhauls in the driveway, either.

Be very careful about who comes to see you at your residence. Avoid anything unusual which might spark the interest of neighbors. If what you do or the people with whom you must deal are “interesting”, it might be best to arrange get-togethers elsewhere.  Keep your nest clean–good “criminal” advice.

Avoid using banks except for actually cashing checks given you by other people.  Try to conduct your affairs with cash and money orders. When using the latter, never write your name on the face or the line marked “Payer”.  Use fake names, account numbers, or business names.

For most purposes money orders can be considered “untraceable”, since the issuing institutions (American Express, banks, US Post Office) file the paid orders by number only, not by other criteria which might tend to give you away.  People and businesses to whom you might remit money orders virtually never record this number, either.  They are usually happy to be paid by money order and will consider it the same as cash.  Individuals wanting to hide income and/or otherwise disguise their financial dealings find money orders most useful in shortchanging the bandits at IRS, too.

Undertakers are another source like ministers, in that they are good talkers. If you have to deal with one, be on your guard with what you tell him.  If you are called on to provide information for a death certificate, give him only the data he actually needs.  It should be easy to appear too grief-stricken to want to chat…

Whenever you need the services of a physician, dentist, hospital, etc., make it standard practice to use an alias and an address other than where you live.  Pay in cash.  Recite’-don’t display’-your “drivers license” number and Social Security Number, making sure they are totally fake.  Other data requested, such as employer, birthdate, etc., should be misleading.  Ignore the “warning” at the top of some hospital forms that federal law requires honest information.  We’ve never heard of anyone getting busted for such a “crime” that also paid his bill. Fraud is fraud, but identity is your business.  Medical records are very definitely NOT confidential.  How else would life and health insurance companies be able to decide so imperiously who “deserves” their coverage, and at what rates…?  For most people, medical insurance itself is a fraud.

Don’t have milk or other items delivered to you on a regular schedule.  The fewer people seen calling at your residence, the safer.  Neighbors will often notice home deliveries, which can prove to be fertile leads for future snoops.

Avoid membership in political groups or other civic organizations. As a rule these groups are filled with super sneaky, nosey individuals more willing than not to stab someone in the back if it suits their selfish purposes.  Total snakes.

Arrange to have your mail sent to a 24-hour Post Office box, or to a mail drop or mail forwarding service.  This way the only mail to be left at your residence will be the “Occupant” variety.  Make it a rule NEVER to sign for certified or registered mail.  Tell the carrier that you are not the person named on the receipt, or that so-and-so moved months ago.  Where?  Austria. . . . , Or was it Australia?

Avoid having arguments or run-ins with neighbors.  An old, unresolved grudge might be just the spark that sends an investigator to your new location.  “Getting even” is a passion few people can resist.

If a snoop is trying to trace you by telephone he may invite you to call him person-to-person collect.  DON’T DO IT.  Ignore the request, no matter what the excuse is.  You might be tempted with some pie-in-the-sky lie, but what he’s really after is your location. If you don’t give yourself away in the conversation, he will simply call the operator back for time and charges, and while she’s at it, the location of the telephone originating the call.  She will be only too happy to help.

If you have to live in a motel, hotel or nosey apartment complex, always make it a point to be ordinary and outwardly polite to any employees on the premises.  Give them no reason to remember you other than as a normal person.  Freaky behavior is easily noticed and remembered by telephone operators, janitors, maids, superintendents, house detectives, and bellboys.  Tips make them TALK, too.

It’s safest not to take in roomers or boarders, even though they can help with expenses and provide companionship.  The fact is, they can get “too close” to you by picking up all kinds of information tidbits which could come back to haunt you should certain kinds of third parties start pumping them.  Even though you might feel you could trust them, it’s very easy for a friend to give you away. . Innocently.

In changing to a new identity within the same general area, make it your policy to patronize none of the commercial establishments you did before the name change.  This would include service-oriented businesses, too, such as shoe repairs, TV repairs, photographers, cleaners, poodle parlors and massage parlors.  If you or a member of your family had been assisted by such charity organizations as the March of Dimes or Community Chest, make sure that future aid is obtained from some other organization.

If you need to have prescriptions filled often, do two things: 1) Have them filled by different pharmacies; don’t patronize the same one repeatedly, and, 2) Never give the pharmacist your correct address and/or telephone number.  If you are in need of continuing prescription, such as for certain heart conditions or diabetes, consider having it filled by mail from one of the large interstate mail-order pharmacies.  These outfits usually offer greatly reduced prices as well, as they are willing to deal in generics, as opposed to strictly name-brand drugs.  Check ‘ em out.

Try to avoid all contact with law enforcement people.  They are like sponges whenever they deal with the public: they take in endless quantities of information whether you are the victim or the perpetrator. When approached by investigators and spies, they just love to spill out all they know, and sometimes get in on the act themselves.  Avoid trouble and avoid cops.

Credit bureaus and department stores will have credit files on you if you’ve used them in the past.  It would be safest to avoid using credit in the future, but if you need to get plugged back into the credit scene, it would be advisable first to read our own book, CREDIT, to see how credit can be set up from scratch under new identity.  This useful book has the kind of inside information one needs to make the credit-granting system perform to his special situation.

If you follow our suggestions regarding delivery of your mail, you will naturally never accept any Registered or Certified mail at your address.  Since the carrier will never know your identity by leaving only mail addressed “Occupant”, you can safely tell him that you are not whoever is named on the piece of mail he is trying to deliver.  Don’t be rude or arouse suspicion, simply help him do his job by telling him there is no such person at your address.  If he asks who you are, he’s out of line.  He will return the letter marked “Unable to Deliver at this Address”, or “Unknown at this Address”, or something else to the same effect.

Sometimes snoops will address mail to a fictitious person “care of” your last known name and address in the hopes it will be forwarded (somehow), and that you will have the stupidity to return it to them with your new address (provided by you).  Any suspicious or unfamiliar mail with your new address should simply be marked “Unknown”, “Return to Sender”, etc., and deposited in a public mail box for return.

If the letter doesn’t come back to the sender because you kept it or chucked it, he may well try again with something more enticing, or even pay a personal visit.  Tracing by mail is the cheapest route for snoopers, so be on the lockout for any mail you’re not expecting or seems the slightest bit suspicious.  This will be the opening salvo in any investigation to determine your whereabouts.  Watch your mail!

Providing any information other than return instructions per above can invite disaster, too.  Putting on a fake forwarding address, or even a “General Delivery” notice, will tell the sender, when the letter is returned, that someone at the address on the letter knows more than he does.  The “Registered Letter”, physical surveillance, or a personal visit will be his next move.  You can count on it.

Be especially watchful for any letters with an “Attorney’s” return address.  They deserve no more respect than any other letter.  If you’re not expecting correspondence from your own attorney, it’s very likely a fake name used by an investigator.  This gambit is many times used on third parties (close relatives of yours) in the hopes they know where you really are and that they have the “courtesy” to forward the letter to you.  This is a good reason for you NOT to tell relatives where you can be reached.  If they don’t know, they can’t tell.

If you can trust a particular person to forward items to your P.O. box or mail forwarding service, at least instruct them to place the letter in another (cover) envelope so that no forwarding instructions are on the face of the original envelope.  You can decide what to do with the mail when you get it.  If you want it returned, do NOT drop it in a box in your area—the stamp of the main post office near you will likely be on the envelope, much to the glee of the sender.  Either send it back to your friend in still another envelope for him to remail locally, or use a mail forwarding service in a distant city to remail per your instructions.  Again, BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR MAIL.  Knowing how to deal with your mail is vital in disappearing.  Think first before acting!!

Avoid drawing attention to yourself.  Don’t exhibit “socially unacceptable” behavior PUBLICLY.  Cops are programmed to bust anyone who appears “suspicious” (different from them).  Jails, psycho wards, and prisons aren’t exactly “free”….

Your appearance, possessions and actions should always justify your presence on a legitimate (conventional) basis.  This is the best way to avoid suspicion.

If you are stopped and questioned, always be able to give a reasonable explanation of why you are there, where you are from, and where you are going.  Smile and be “helpful”.

A sullen or hostile attitude triggers the cops for a bust–your bust. So go ahead and “Kill the Pigs”–with kindness.  You’ll win by keeping your freedom, dig?

Even perfectly legal behavior can arouse suspicion.  Avoid such things as solitary walks late at night, or wearing clothing inappropriate for the weather.  Store detectives love to follow shoppers wearing oversized clothing, too.  The police find it easy, even entertaining, to pin

stray raps on such “suspicious” characters.  Days and weeks can go by before they decide they’ve made a “mistake”.  Really!

Examine your daily habits and eliminate any that might possibly be regarded as “peculiar”, especially if performed publicly.

Live in a large city where you can have the protection of anonymity.  Avoid small towns where the only sport is gossip–about you. Your business should be no one else’s.

Appear to be lower-middle class in your standard of living.  Don’t attract the attention given the very poor or the obviously well off.

Rent a house or apartment that appears “respectable”, but no more plush than the average cop can afford.

If you like to live it up, do it somewhere other than around where you live and work.  Try Las Vegas, New York, Jamaica, Tokyo, Fiji….


If you’re looking for those proverbial “greener pastures” by all means subscribe to GREENER PASTURES GAZETTE. This down-to-earth newsletter covers job and business opportunities, real estate, and the great joys of living in “countryside Edens where the Good Life still exists”.  GREENER PASTURES GAZETTE also covers islands and foreign paradises where the living can be unbelievably inexpensive and hassle-free.  Subscription price is $20 per year, and worth every penny. P.O. BOX 2190. PAHRUMP. NV 8904!-2190. PHONE (702) 382-4847 / 1-800-688-6352

Dress conventionally.  Adopt what you perceive as the broad community standard.  Don’t be black or white as long as gray has so many shades.  Blend in.

Be clean and neat, never showy or gaudy.

Conformity for guys means neat beard (if any), no long hair or freaky clothes.  Biker “colors” are out.

For the ladies, no sexy, convention-flaunting attire such as miniskirts and see-thru blouses without underwear.  The man LOVES to drool over “liberated” lassies, and often does more…

Have conventional answers to common questions such as where you are from, where you work, where your family lives, etc.  Be vague, however.

There’s less heat in telling plausible lies than in countering with self-righteous silence.  The object is to avoid suspicion, so be a “reasonable” person.  Lying is not illegal unless you are under oath or perpetrating a fraud.

When confronted by federal agents or other law enforcement officers, you have no obligation to talk to them.  If you do, however, make sure you don’t lie.  Making false statements to federal officers is a bust! A good way to turn the “meeting” in your favor, is to inform the officer that he should take up the matter with your attorney, whose name and address you are willing to provide.  If you don’t have an attorney at present, tell him you are in the process of obtaining one, and that you will so notify him when you do.  This will tell the agent-snoop that 1) you are a cool customer who knows how to take care of himself by knowing his rights, and 2) that for him to deal with your attorney will be tantamount to having to take you to court–something he’s obviously not (yet) ready to do.  Your talking to the officer could very likely insure you an earlier court date. …If that’s what you want.

It’s perfectly moral to lie to someone who asks about things that are none of his business.  HE is the one acting immorally.  Don’t forget!

Don’t throw wild parties.  Far too many busts come courtesy of tender-eared, blue-nosed, fink-ass neighbors.

Don’t make speed, DMT, THC, acid, or nitro in your kitchen.  Windowsills aren’t the safest places to cultivate, either.

Hold your stereo down to “mood level” late at night.  Not everyone mellows out with Led Zeppelin or the Stones.

Your neighbors are the most dangerous people you know.  You can include relatives here, too.  They will ALL snitch without compunction. “Calling the cops” is fair sport in towns of all sizes, so don’t antagonize.  Be friendly; stay friendly—but on your terms.

Be superficially “nice” to your neighbors, but have as little as possible to do with them.  Ideally, you don’t want them to know anything about you.

Even if you observe all these precautions criminals, both private and public, might still harass you.  Whatever you do, don’t blow your cover and thus lead them to suspect you.  Keep your temper, be humble and polite, and refrain from shouting matches and/or slugfests. Remember you are a minority of one.  “They” still have the guns and bars.

If you’re not content, however, to let vengeance be the Lord’s, at least abided by this cardinal rule of guerrilla warfare: Don’t let the enemy determine your tactics.  Retaliate at a time and place with weapons of your choosing.

Any activity that might attract unfavorable attention, such as writing, nude photography, erotic sculpture, etc., should be done under a “nom de plume”.  Provide a separate address for any such names.  P.O. boxes are fine.

Never express controversial opinions around home or at work.  If you preach, do it in another town or state.

Avoid being fingerprinted.  Don’t apply for civil service jobs. The FBI would like to have everyone fingerprinted so they could control individual lives, but so far they’ve been stopped.

Stay out of the armed forces.  Here again fingerprinting labels you forever with the only method of positive identification.

Don’t apply for security clearances or seek employment in firms, which routinely fingerprint.

Don’t take part in mass demonstrations or dissident activities, which might lead to mass arrests.  Fingerprinting would surely follow.

The thumbprint required on applications for driver’s licenses in many states (like California) does not go to the FBI.  It is kept with the applications “on file”, and its main purpose seems to be that of psychological deterrence.  The states make no efforts to classify the thumbprints, and the FBI is not interested in helping.  Applicants who want to make sure their thumbprints are absolutely worthless will press extra hard and make a slight twisting movement with their thumb as it is being printed.  The result is a perfect smudge–worthless.

NEVER order utility services in your real name.  Utility companies are the first watering hole for skip tracers.

Keep your name out of public records, such as business licenses, permits, tax accounts.  Operate under another name or use another person as a front.  It’s very easy to file “fictitious firm name statements” using minimal ID.

Always subscribe to magazines and newspapers under alternate names. Pay by mail using money orders.  Don’t have your name on the money order.

Likewise, always order merchandise by mail under an alias.  Again, pay with money orders without your name on them.

Own real estate under either a cooperative relative’s name, or a fictitious one created especially for the purpose.  Names of phony businesses work well here, as it is perfectly understandable and justified for a business to own real property.  Since real estate transactions are almost always at “arms length”, it is quite simple to hide behind your agent or broker.  In this area money talks more loudly than you do, so it’s not too difficult to arrange things to suit yourself.

If you have to vote use your “legal” address.  Just make sure you don’t live there.  So-called “voter ID cards” are a snap to obtain, as no proof if identity is required.  The only “security” for the registration process is your sworn statement….

Protect the names, addresses and telephone numbers of your friends. Use a code of your own making to disguise the actual names and numbers, or try to memorize what you need to know.  You’d be amazed at how much you can remember in this area if you make the effort.

Try to avoid carrying this coded address book with you.  Cops always flash on such items, and so-called “rings” are usually busted this way.  A smart thing to do would be to carry a dummy book of names and numbers selected at random from the phone book.  Keep your working book stashed in a safe place.

This practice protects you, too, inasmuch as suspicion is cast on you should some of your friends be busted and their names appear in your book.

Don’t engage in illegal activity on other people’s property without their express consent.  Save the dope and skin scenes for places where no one else can get rousted besides the actual participants.

Don’t ask questions which intrude on the privacy of others.  Ask general questions, not specific.  One might not want you to know where he works, but wouldn’t mind telling you his occupation.

Adopt the attitude that personal information such as your school background, national origin, interests, politics, family income, etc., is NO ONE’S business but your own.  And stick to it!!  Snooping will thereby become so difficult that suspicion will be cast on the snooper rather than on you.

When faced with such an inquisitive person, have prepared a set of standard answers that you can deliver without discomfort or concern. But if the person is really obnoxious, give him some out-and-out lies, which, when “reported” in the right places, will make him look more like the ass he is.

Don’t request receipts unless the amount is large.  Make them intelligible only to the parties involved.  Remember that cash still has no names on it, which is why Big Brother can hardly wait for the day of the “cashless” society.

One CAUTION, however: Most banks have well established policies for recording serial numbers of large denomination bills whenever they are deposited or withdrawn in large amounts.  ALL transactions of $10,000 or more are reported to the IRS.  So play small and remain inconspicuous.

Payment of taxes of all kinds should be largely a matter of personal convictions.  The public debate on “tax protest” is endless, so only a few generally observed practices would be mentioned here.

The basic rule, in which even the IRS concurs, is pay only what you are liable for.  This means taking advantage of any and all loopholes to the fullest with the ultimate aim of paying no tax whatever. Don’t forget, however, that most federal prisons have rather distinguished populations of tax-evading accountants, attorneys, businessmen and politicians.  If avoiding personal income tax, both state and federal, is your goal, by all means study well or seek competent advice. Texas and Nevada still have no state income taxes, in case you’re thinking of relocating to beat some taxes…

Sales and use taxes can often be avoided by buying consumer items through personal channels such as friends, bazaars, swap meets (some), classified want ads, bartering, and business exchanges.  Out-of-state mail order purchases are exempt from local taxes, too.

Sharp practices, such as claiming 10 or 12 exemptions to reduce the weekly bite of withholding, or making a deal with your employer to be paid in cash (which a great many do willingly) are ways of lessening, even eliminating your tax, but can’t be recommended if you plan on remaining in the same job for over a year or so, or if you don’t wish to live with a solid alternate identity.

A “compromise” in the above dilemma is to maintain a minimal tax profile, but plan on earning the bulk of your income through non-recorded means, say, and odd jobs for cash.  Lead a “straight” life for the tax vultures, but live “underground” with another trade and/or name.

In seeking employment you are usually asked for former job references.  If you know that some of them will be negative DON’T LIST THEM! For the resulting “gaps” in your employment history, have already prepared the names and addresses of your former “employers”.  They could be local or out-of-state, in which case they probably won’t be verified except by mail.  Of course you will be prepared for this by listing a mail forwarding service’s address as that of your former “employer”. Merely pay the first month’s fee and notify the service of your code name–a company (“employer”).  You will then be able to rewrite your own employment history.  Oh Happy Day!  Using attendance at school can also cover gaps or travel abroad as alternatives to negative job references.

For local job references, a good trick is to ask, or pay, a businessman’s secretary to give all the goody information right over the telephone.  Provide the phone number on the application, naturally, but remember that the number may very well be verified first by a call

to Information.  When it checks out, your application will appear quite honest, won’t it?

Personal references on either employment or credit applications

are a laugh.  They are virtually never verified.  Provide them, of course, but feel no compunction whatever in lifting random names and assumed relationships right from the phone book.  A locally known doctor or minister is a safe bet, too.

For credit references bear in mind that outfits like big department stores and most credit unions will not give out information to ANYONE on one of their customer’s or member’s accounts.  This means you can use any number of these references with impunity when applying for credit as the lender will not be able to verify one way or the other if your application is true–a fact he will definitely NOT tell you, however. A complete guide to establishing credit and obtaining credit cards is our own book, CREDIT!  Very useful, indeed.

Consider using a typewriter for all your correspondence, as it is not only more impersonal, but also impossible to be “traced” to you. Whereas handwriting can give you away, typewriting cannot.  Only the machine itself can be shown to be the one used for a particular piece of correspondence.  Electric machines are even more impersonal than manual in that the striking pressure is uniform for all letters.  Manual typewriting can show that you have a weak “a” or a strong “k” or “c”, for example.  Be careful, too, of allowing the keys to clog to the point that the enclosed portions of letters begin to fill in.  When the “e” and the “o” look alike, it’s time to get out the gum cleaner.  Typewriters using the newer carbon ribbons do not have this problem.

As an added layer of protection for your correspondence, consider mailing a Xerox copy of the letter.  There will be enough distortion in the copy to make tracing you mighty difficult.  Should you begin using a typewriter regularly, you might plan to trade it in every six months or so for another model, different typeface, etc.  They are rather cheap to rent, so this is a good possibility, too.  Keep ’em guessing….

When going from the “old you” to the “new you”, it is usually a good idea to drop any old hobbies that could provide the basis for an informal “stakeout” of your possible activities.  If it is known that you can never pass a museum or fishing pier without indulging yourself, you have an automatic lead to those who might want to go looking for you.  Changing activities can be an excellent way of building your new identity.  Not only will the old ways fade faster, but also your new acquaintances will provide the support and interest in creating the new identity more rapidly and completely.

Whenever you rent a new place to live, insist on the right to change the locks.  Refuse to give the landlord the new key, too.  Many times people have arrived home to find a snoopy landlord (lady, too) going through personal belongings, papers, etc.  Items and possessions which might tend to give someone the wrong ideas about your identity, activities, interests, etc., should be stored in locked boxes of sturdy construction.  Misleading items can be placed innocently in the open.  Be observant of items being rearranged or moved, too.  Until you’re secure in your new location, you might take the precaution of placing hairs on doorjambs, threads across the threshold, matches on the tops of doors. When choosing locks and keys, select those not readily available in the area.

Affiliate Programs

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Affiliate programs are one of the easiest ways to make money online, if you know what you’re doing!

First, Find Good Programs that Pay!

First, you have to find good, paying programs with high conversion rates and good commissions.  You need to be careful in selecting your programs, because not everyone pays out what is owed.  There are cheaters out there, so you need to work with reputable programs that do as they say they will do.

Second, Don’t Just Throw Up a Link on Your Site

Your next step is to realize that you should present your various programs in the form of a review. Tell your prospects the advantages and disadvantages of the products or services offered.  Word it so that it’s even handed and fair sounding. Give the benefits but also mention any defects you have noticed.

By presenting a fair and balanced analysis of the product or service, your readers will appreciate this and come to trust you and your site.  They will be more likely to buy if they trust you than if you are just trying to hype and sell.

Third, Only Represent Quality

This may sound simple, but you would be surprised how many hyped up products are just junk.  And much of this junk is simply a come on to buy more in an upsell.  Avoid shoddy, over hyped products and services at all costs!  Your reputation is important online, so guard that reputation by only representing the best!

It’s Best if You Have Used the Product Yourself

The best policy is to buy and use the product or service yourself, so that you can give a fair and honest evaluation of it to your readers.

Cloak Your Links!

It is best to cloak your links!  You would be surprised how many people will tamper with your affiliate links just to cheat you out of a commission!

I don’t know why some people do this, but it just seems that there are some out there who don’t think that your hard work to bring an important product or service to their attention is worth anything, and begrudge you your commission.  They would rather see the company make the money than you, sad to say!

To prevent this, you should use an affiliate link cloaker. What these cloakers do is protect your link through a method of cloaking, so that your affiliate link can’t be tampered with.  We have a good one for sale, which you can access by clicking here.

Once you have cloaked your link properly, then it can’t be tampered with and you are off to the races to make your commission off of all of your readers that click on your affiliate link!


Suggested Programs

Now that we have dispensed with the preliminaries, below you will find links to some of the best programs we have found out there.

Affiliate Programs We Recommend

Evidence Eliminator: This is an excellent program for a high demand product!  Click here for full details.

Spam Arrest

1. Costs only $20 for 6 months for up to five accounts to filter.
Lowest rate is a two year contract.

2. Your regular mail gets sent to  first.
You reprogram your inbox server and  outbox server to do this.
(Tools – accounts – properties – servers – incoming mail & outgoing mail  – they send you a blurb that tells you exactly what to put in there)

3. Spam arrest separates your mail  into the people you have authorized in, as well as  real people who get a message back to click on a link one time to be able to send you email, and that mail gets sent to you at your Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook,  or whatever you normally use.

4. The filtered garbage, the automatic spam,  gets placed in a file at your  site called “unverified”.

5. HOW TO USE IT – You go to their website and login, then click on “members site” at the top right to get into your member’s area and click on the “unverified” box to look through all your spam quickly. You can select and delete it page (20 emails worth) at a time or there’s a “view all” button where you can view them all and a “select all” and “delete” button where you can  take care of all of them in one clean fell swoop.  This is fast. If you come across one in the list you want, you just open it and forward it to yourself or “authorize” it and go back to the list to finish the rest.

NOTE 1: If you choose the “view all” link at the top of the page, the screen expands to show you the complete sender’s address and complete subject line which allows you to make a better decision to delete or keep. Be sure to slide the bottom scroll bar to the right a little so the complete address and complete “subject” line of each spam mail fits onto your monitor screen to give you a better chance of finding the ones you want to keep.

NOTE 2: It is possible to modify the number of messages displayed per page from 20 to any other value that you prefer. I use 50. To do this all you have to do is login to your Spam Arrest account and go to the Options—>Webmail page. Here you can set the number of messages that you want displayed in each page of the folders of the webmail interface in the “Messages Per Page” field.

NOTE 3: Sending messages back to yourself. I do a lot of this when I change subject lines so I know what’s in the email and where to file the message. Spam arrest doesn’t allow this as it paves way for spammers to sneak through, UNLESS, you create a sub address that you send to.
Login and go to “senders” and “sub-address”.
6. You can “authorize” any senders that you want always sent to you.

7. You can forward to yourself, without authorizing, any messages you want to look at once but not repetitively just yet. You just have to create the subaddress to do that and make sure you send it to your subaddress.

8. You can permanently “block” any sender you wish.

9. You can input, as authorized ,all the email addy’s from your current address book you wish to regularly receive emails from.

It’s simple, it’s fast, and it works very, very well!
If you try this system, you will never be without it again. Trust me.
The bulk mail spam senders are working overtime today. I opened my spamarrest this morning to find over 800 spam mails already there and I had cleaned it out at 1am last night when I went to bed. I would never be without this system again. I am now getting over 2000 spams a day. And this system gets them all unless it is sent by a real person who has to authorize a verification email to get to you.



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U.S., Britain, and Canada imposed significant steps to cut Iran off from the international financial system, announcing coordinated sanctions aimed at its economics. The measures, a response to a recent United Nations report warning about Iran’s nuclear activities, tighten the vise on Iran but still fall short of a blanket cutoff. The combined actions were a show of resolve in the face of a report earlier this month by the U.N. nuclear agency that voiced serious concerns that Iran, despite its denials, is seeking to acquire nuclear weapons. U.S. sanctions target Iran’s oil and petrochemicals industry and Iranian companies involved in nuclear procurement or enrichment activity. The U.S. also declared Iran’s banking system a center for money laundering – designed as a stern warning to financial institutions around the world to think twice before doing business with Tehran.


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Switzerland has made extraordinary progress towards a goal that many thought unachievable as recently as a year ago. Rather than being forced to do away with its hallowed secrecy arrangements for private banking clients, in August it signed deals with Germany and the UK that preserve confidentiality. More such agreements may be in the pipeline: Italy and France, two neighbouring countries that have traditionally provided much business for Swiss banks, have shown cautious interest and Greece has held direct talks with Bern. These developments come less than two years after private banking in Switzerland appeared to be in trouble, as UBS was forced to divulge the names of 255 rich US clients.