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Offshore Earnings has scoured the world to bring you the best in offshore services and investment opportunities!

For investment opportunities, please email us or use our submission form to request complete information. Be aware that all investments carry risks, and are presented to you on a best efforts basis only.

Furthermore, most of our investment opportunities are offered by other companies, from which we receive a commission and act on their behalf simply as a broker/intermediary, and therefore we have no responsibility to investor for the failure of any investment to perform as projected.

It is investor’s sole responsibility to do his or her own due diligence. While Offshore Earnings takes great care to only offer you the best of opportunities and investments, we, our employees, officers, and directors are not responsible for any outcome.

Most of the programs we represent do not accept investments from natural persons, and, generally, for the protection of all, investments are only accepted from offshore corporations, foundations, and trusts. If you do not have such an entity, we will be happy to form one for you at a discount for making an investment of $10,000.00 or more.

Finally, you agree that you are making this investment only with expendable funds, and that such an investment is legal for you to enter into.

Investment 1 : Offshore Financial Services Entity.
Reap the rewards from owning a part of a dynamic offshore financial services conglomerate!